Amentia Nigthmare


Yujumochi Arou
Ward D patient. “Amentia.Nightmare”. Fused the whole Ward C along with the central six-story building. Ruzeru described him as: “the man that whose ambiguous consciousness has turned the surroundinng environment into a biological chaos”. Defeated by Kanata (selfdestructed).

An interesting depiction by “y”. 

I sort of encouraged months ago the guy to draw it, feels kinda nice.

——So we have a retarded, a girl with a singing polyp, other person that plays a yueqin, a girl that wears raincoats and another guy who dissolves its food because he cannot intake any solid, among other weirdos. Origa sure is/was an interesting place.——

4 responses to “Amentia Nigthmare

  1. Where do you get all of those information?
    Also I’ve bought “3/16 Jiken” and hope that find in this book all of side stories about Kanata. We’ll translate it asap.

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