Hana no Miyako! Chapter 10


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I can’t say I’m  content with the translation this time. Special thanks to: Twi, Ossan and Kyokushi (both from Beasts’s Lair).

Check for typos, etc.


Kishima page blunder

I forgot to add “1 draw”, though if you download it then it is already fixed.

Kara no Kyoukai Epilogue Filmgoers to Get Exclusive Text Story

Shameless copy&paste from ANN because I’m too tired to transcribe everything by myself.


The official website for the Kara no Kyōkai – the Garden of sinners anime franchiseannounced that those who attend a Kara no Kyoukai: Mirai Fukuin theater screening will receive an exclusive Shūmatsu Rokuon/the Garden of oblivion (Final Recording: The Garden of Oblivion) text story by Kinoko Nasu (while supplies last).


Which means it is a sort of continuation of Mirai Fukuin. God knows what will it be like, and to be honest, I doubt we will see it any time soon.