Regarding Hana no Miyako and Tsuki no Sango

Hana no Miyako!.- Can’t translate what I don’t have. If you have an account in BL ask that guy to scan it. It’s a really little side-chapter of twelve pages, so it shouldn’t take too long for a translation.

Tsuki no Sango.- I’m not the translator of this series, that’s why I have to wait for Lianru to make space in her agenda. Last thing I knew she was missing approximately three pages. The new chapter of Tsuki no Sango is more likely to come out than Hana no Miyako!.

As for news, nothing really relevant.

Ami’s Papa


“Wash your face and go sit down. We’re eating breakfast”
not sure about “we’re eating breakfast”, I’d like the context of the next page, but this will do for now

Well, can’t say I’m totally surprised, as they share the same surname.