Second Time; 14:00~16:30 —07.


Along with the satisfated voice of Ouji-senpai, the yielding lock lets out a “clank”.
The hinge creaks and an old iron-door is opened.
At the center, only a grey hospital room made of bare cement was.
—There, alone in that square-shaped cage,

A corpse with the appearance of a girl, approximately fourteen years old, lied on a modest pipe-bed.

She was wearing a snow white, sparkling wedding dress.
She seemed to had been in a deep sleep all up until now, as if she had finally been able to sleep, as if she had a peaceful death———

2 responses to “Second Time; 14:00~16:30 —07.

  1. That’s Kanata, right? I always forget that because of her looks. BTW, it’s just me or the writing in DDD seems better than the one in FSN? I know there’s the whole translation thing going, but… well, just a guess, I suppose.
    It’s always nice to know more about the forgotten sides of Type-Moon.
    (dunno if this comment is repeated. WordPress loves to screw with me).

    • Yup, that’s Kanata.

      I’d rather not get into details with the translation of DDD (other than J.The E).

      As for the japanese writting, I never read Fate in japanese so I can’t say for sure. DDD was written years after so let’s believe that Nasu improved since then.

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