Hana no Miyako! Vol.3 cover


Since I didn’t know what to post. This is the newest cover for Hana no Miyako! featuring Arturia Pendragon (Takeru used the name letter by letter) and Gilgamesh.

Due to the lack of raws I might as well translate these few lines grabbed from the japanese wiki for this series. I will try to look for more relevant into tomorrow or so at Merem’s blog.

Arturia Pendragon: Camelot International School student. A blond-haired trap with braided hair. It somehow seems to understand Miyako’s fighting style.

Lance: A sort of assistant, guard to Arturia. A white man of tall figure and glasses.

Gilgamesh: Honor student at The Sumerian Junior HIgh Girls Academy. A young Kirei is her servant and is treated as an ojou-sama.

Cover source

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