The Law of Contradiction


Back then on late 2010 early 2011, I had a crush on Bazett (despite not having read much of hollow) to the point that I’d furiously seek pictures of her. I don’t know, I guess I just began liking her for that suit, fighting style (up until now, I think Fragarach is one of the coolest NPs), stern attitude and that mole. During this arduous and somewhat sad quest I stumbled upon an old website which stellarly featured Bazett, drawn in a peculiar way that reminded me of a painting, and on, the legend: The Law of Contradiction.


Upon further exploration I discovered the meaning behind, it was the promotional banner of a doujin game. A visual novel where Bazett was the MC. I remember playing something like a demo, but I forgot how. The game is entirely created on flash. You can watch the trailer here.

Needless to say I was excited, even Merem appeared on this shit. I had to get it. Like, really.

Gallery showcasing some of the CGs

Worked up, I did a very brief search that yielded no results so I eventually forgot. That was until one day I commented on danbooru on a CG from that game, in response to a guy who commented two years before me. Little did I know this guy would actually ask me if I really wanted the game, and if so, I could have it. Sadly I did not notice this message only a while after MU got v& He had uploaded it to the aforementioned server, HOWEVER, some months before I decided to try my luck and found it at last. I promptly downloaded and saved it for coming years, posterity and all that jazz. So although I did not see the message I had gotten hold of the goddamn game.

It’s worth mentioning that this game possesses a decent OST. Rest of the playlist (DISC 1 only).

In conclusion, I’m not translating anything of this length for the next decade until DDD3 is released (or hollow’s TL is complete or DDD is properly translated); I merely wished to make a fairly extensive post. Yet, lo and behold! The novel summary from their defunct website which I hope did not fuck up.



Years prior to the events of the fifth Holy Grail War, the seal designated enforcer —Bazett Fraga McRemitz— was issued an order.
Her mission is the target apprehension and the enemy extermination.
The target is a Dead Apostle. The enemy, an agent from the Church.
A former member of the Clock Tower, magus whose banal ambitions lead him to throw himself away.
And one of the many Dead Apostle hunters.
While drawing the picture of the agent in her mind, Bazett heads towards that city.

Under the rainfall of a misty metropolis.
A new battle outbursts.


8 responses to “The Law of Contradiction

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  2. I didn’t remember Merem was in the game either, and I was the danbooru guy, lol.

    Notably, this project was acknowledged by the man Nasu himself in the TM diary:

    As for the OST, it’s more than decent – it’s a pro-level offering from guitar hero/composer extraordinaire Aoki Masahiro aka Godspeed aka Vivix aka Serenade aka G5 Project

    PS: By the way, you should check the hollow thread in BL because it’s nearing completion at a pretty fast rate – an 88% validated patch was released just yesterday. I assume that means you’ll start translating this pretty soon :D

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