Hana no Miyako! chapter 17 – Part 1 End


It’s been a fun ride. Hopefully Part 2 resumes soon. If you have any questions now is a good moment to shoot them all.

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11 responses to “Hana no Miyako! chapter 17 – Part 1 End

  1. Is Master Panda supposed to be an actual “serious” thing in Melty Blood or just something goofy that doesn’t actually exist like the magical girls and BWD in Character material?

    • Since you’re asking for Master Panda’s role in general: he’s the one who actually taught her some Bajiquan, Sougen only allowed her to see him and never taught her properly because of his ethics as doctor. Most of the time, Master Panda and Miyako training consisted of sparring, leaving Miyako always beaten. In character material it is stated that he is one of the few people who she respects. I will take a look later at Master Panda’s page in Character Material. But it is obvious he meant a lot to Miyako, he was her mentor.

  2. Thank you! It was great.
    My English is bad but:
    157: Geez, when I’m (with?) Miyako-chan nothing good ever happens!
    165: “I see, you are her disciple” – not “him”? (because of page 175: “disciple of Panda”).

    163: “Nanaya Shiki”. Could you tell us about Shiki’s kanji? Not only this (and this) Shiki. Because of this power seems like Ryougi’s more than Nanaya’s. (Well, they were in good relationship, but I don’t think that SO good).

    • Fucking hell. I never see those mistakes. That’s why I always wanted a proofreader. They’re fixed now, but online readers will keep the originals I guess. Not that I give a fuck though, I hate online readers in general. Thanks.

      As for Shiki’s name in this chapter, the kanji is: 死忌. 死 death and 忌 mourning. So this means…the mourning of the Nanaya? 死忌 exists in chinese and it also means mourning.

      I don’t know honestly. Everything I say is pure fanwank.

      • > 死忌
        Thanks. And what about other Shiki? At least, just kanji.
        Also, are you planning to translate something after extra chapters? For example, Clock Tower 2015 (I tried translate it to my native language but my Japanese is much worse even than my English).

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