New Hana no Miyako “Legend”

Hey, look,  it’s not over yet…

On december 5 of current year, Kirishima Takeru published an entry in his blog regarding the future of his manga, “Hana no Miyako!”

I know this is sudden.

Some time ago, due to certain circumstances, the serialization for “Hana no Miyako!” was ended.  Thus I’ve decided to continue drawing its sequel on my own.

The title will be “Hana no Miyako Legend”

That being said,

I’ve uploaded my work to pixiv.

Oh, that’s right, I uploaded it to fotolife, too. You can view it in a slideshow.

Well then, the sample for Hana no Miyako Legend is here.


Kirishima wrote:

“This time I’ll be leaving just the prologue.
The form of publication may be somewhat subject to changes, but the sequel is coming out soon. Then, see you later!”

“I’ve got the presentiment I’ll be able to meet with…Master Panda.”

So better get ready for the first chapter of “Legend”.



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