New Melty Blood manga serialization

Early today, the twitter account for both the Comptiq and Comp Ace magazines announced the new serialization of a new Type-Moon manga to be included in the Comp Ace February issue, to be available from tomorrow (26th) onwards . Its name will be: “Melty Blood  Back Alley Alliance – Nightmare”. The manga will be drawn by Kirishima Takeru (MB, MB Act 2, MB X, Hana no Miyako!) and the script will be written by ACPI with supervision from Nasu. First chapter will be 48 pages long, with 3  colored pages.

CXAAbCqUEAEKdC-.jpg large

In the picture we can see a cameo of Olga Marie from Fate/Grand Order hiding in an alley.  We can also see textlines like “For anything that helps to avert  destruction” and “It’s decided. Everything is for the sake of mankind—”


10 responses to “New Melty Blood manga serialization

  1. TBH I don’t know how to feel about that. On one hand 1st Melty Blood was quite good but on another all of its sequel were imo nowhere near it. I would much more preferred for them to approve of full-time serialization of Hana no Miyako sequel and have it come out regularly… But maybe a source of income for the author of both will help with that as well?

      • I like Arc more than I like Miyako so I’m kinda okay with it.

        Besides, the original HnM didn’t sell well, so I’m happy for Kirishima to be still working for T-M.

      • I too like Arc more than Miyako, there is nothing to even think about here.
        For me the problem with Melty Blood was that – aside from the original series (which despite several issues still could be treated as a sequel of sorts to Tsukihime) – the rest had about as much in common with Tsukihime and its characters as HnM, only with far less humor in it…

        As for the fact that it is better for mangaka you are right of course. If his manga doesn’t sell then in the worst case scenario he may be even forced to look for another job which would be a great loss, so its better for him to be able to create something that he can live off than something that he will be just forced to drop completely.

      • Well, I see where you’re getting at. But the manga sequel adaptations of MB being subpar in comparison with the original, is mainly because of the source material.

        MB Act 2: adaptation of one route (this was fun as fuck).
        MB X: drama cd adaptation (was okay; it’s a drama cd, can’t expect much).

        Maybe if there was something like a MBAA manga, you could enjoy a more fleshed out manga? Shit, I might enjoy seeing Powered Ciel and Archetype:EARTH, and why not, some Dust of Osiris, too. What T-M needs is DDD manga.

        Also, if it makes you feel better, I’ll post chapter two for Legends tomorrow or so. And got scans for the new manga as well.

      • If it has consistent plot and characters with epic battles as a bonus then I am going to enjoy it, especially since the sample you gave above shows that the art is going to be nice.

        And yes it will make me feel better XD Thanks :)

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