The Law of Contradiction Preface/Chapter 1

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Location: London Station

With reddish hair such as that of the Celts swayed by the wind, and dressed in a suit, a young woman was waiting by herself at the train station.

In spite of being the national railway, the schedule screen wasn’t entirely reliable. She has spent more than one hour without moving an inch, standing still on the platform.

Regardless of what she did, she made the perfect picture of a beauty. Was she adopting a posture of tranquility? She would often be in the gaze of people passing her by, unmoved by the wind.

image1.jpgBazett Fraga McRemitz.

image3 (3).jpg

Her appearance gave off the feeling of her being an important career woman, and truth be told, this woman was heading towards her job.

Even if you were to call it a job, in this moment the woman was absorbed in inspecting for a male whose image she cannot visualize.

——————Monster Extermination.

Truly a Monster Hunt. The possibility of her returning with his corpse represented no problem whatsoever, for this was an issued mission. However, the woman had the feeling that everything would actually end with his eradication.

Bazett is a magus from the Mage’s Association —an organization with headquarters in London, sporting the name of the Clock Tower— and above all, a magus specializing in combat. Henceforth she was ordered as a Sealing Designation Enforcer.

Even if not from birth, they were magi that grew capable of apprehending while making use of valuable magecraft, and possibly make a living out of extermination.

A job that stained your hands with blood, a duty that Bazett proudly carried out nonetheless.

As for this time, it was quite an influential Marshall that sent out an advance team and called Bazett, it was easy to presume what the circumstances were without asking, it was a task of extermination.

Enforcers are those who take on anyone who has received something of grave degree as the Sealing Designation, beings with unusual power. All magi that have received the Sealing Designation were blessed with unlimited combat abilities, people whose main trait was their power.

Although Enforcers were magi themselves, they were not on par with those given the Sealing Designation; hence they focused their training completely into increasing their combat abilities, attaining in the process, the power to take down a magus with the Sealing Designation.

Therefore extermination was a cruel reality. As for the list of those dead in the performance of their duties —it grew larger and larger—, displayed those who were once entrusted with missions.

image7.jpgA Magus ascended to a Vampire.

Normally, Vampires fell into the domain of the Church, it was something that couldn’t be helped. However, having a former Magus from the Clock Tower turn into a Vampire, were news certain to blemish the name of the Association.

By that time, the agent that the Church dispatched had already been defeated. And so the agent who followed him to be dispatched, was most likely one of his own kind as well. One unable to avoid combat when confronted.

Bazett, lost in thought came up with the figure of said agent, but ultimately rejected it. There was no way the agent lived up to her expectations, being witness to such a miracle was something next to impossible.

Although one would expect that shouldering the responsibility of the Clock Tower would put you crestfallen, she usually seemed to be at ease under pressure.

image3 (3).jpgRaising up her face suddenly, she saw the train sliding to the platform. Picking up both her attach case and the tube resting on her back, Bazett entered the train.

image1 (4)

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5 responses to “The Law of Contradiction Preface/Chapter 1

  1. I’ve thought about doing this, though by thought I mean spent 5 minutes looking into text hooking. It seemed a cool little story nonetheless.

    • I’m only doing this because it has Bazett to be honest, and because the blog had been inactive for quite a while.

      I’ll get to chapter two and hopefully finish this thing, as it isn’t long. It just depends of many opportunities to translate I get this semester.

      • Thanks for still blogging here.
        I’m reading yours for some years, but still, there is a little place for nostalgia, always quiet)
        Thinking of revisiting Nasuverse someday (not that typemoon marketing bullshit of last years)

      • And thanks a lot to you for still visiting this place. I really mean it.

        I can relate to that feeling. While it is true that I’m often busy with college, it is also worth mentioning that the current direction TM has significantly encouraged me into leaving the blog inactive. I feel that if I’m going to post something, it has to be significative even if just a bit, I have to feel it is worth a view. I could probably just post about Fate and call it a day, but I don’t feel like whoring this place such a way. /End of rant.

        I still have faith on TM though. In the meantime, I’ve gotten into other stuff that I had always wanted to try/know better, so it’s not that bad.

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