The Law of Contradiction Chapter 2-1


—She intently looked down the streets from the hotel window. The streets were the spitting image of tranquility. Then a folk guitar could be heard playing out of nowhere, together with the noise from the engines of cars and buses.

Bazett took her bag and threw it onto the bed. It had been quite a while since she was able to check-in in a hotel at the place where she would be hunting.

Meals are for nourishment, sleep is for recovering body strength. Everything was carefully prepared by an emotionless Bazett.

On what seemed a king-size bed, as though a Samurai dampened by tropical rain, as though she was under a waterfall, her figure remained unchanged.

She had no place to go to, thus wherever she were became her home.  Though that wasn’t a situation to be happy about, as long as she could rest on a warm bed, she could recover her physical condition quickly by stretching her body all over the bed.

Even so, the odds of hunting among the townsfolk weren’t optimal. Catching someone among dozens of people is sure to instill doubt on anybody.

It’d ideal if the target were to stay indoors; she wouldn’t have to worry about being distracted by anyone other than the target.


As she sorted out her thoughts on the matter, Bazett looked out the window once again. From this position, the sea, dyed by setting sun could be seen very well.


“It’ll be night soon, huh” —she muttered to herself. Then Bazett put on her gloves and stretched her fingers to check their condition.

Fists, elbows, knees, tiptoes, heels —hardened with Rune Strengthening. Bazett directed her gaze to the rack leaning against the wall.

There lied a case storing a specialized weapon, one that makes a person a Fraga. Then, placing her hand on her chin, she asked to herself: Will it be necessary or not?

Her last mission as an Enforcer required its usage to a considerable degree, and as result, only two lead balls remained. After what seemed to be ten minutes in her head, the thought of a black robe crossed her mind.

And just as she was about to reach out to the case— she stopped.


It won’t be necessary. She will bring down her enemy solo.

After all, it was reserved for the scenario where she were to encounter an extraordinary foe, and she were unable to escape.  A device certain to bring victory upon its usage, a trump card.

“Let’s go.” —she spouted, and Bazett exited the room.


After three minutes of walking, the sky had darkened.

Having walked from alley to alley while inspecting, the results were remarkably disappointing. —No, that wasn’t it, actually.


She had the feeling of being within somebody’s gaze. Before long she left the hotel, until now.


The feeling of being observed had grown much stronger; Bazett stopped on her tracks, and cautiously examined her surroundings.

Without resorting to magic, she firmly sharpened her senses in search of the eyes that observed her. Rather than being observed, it was a sensation more akin to being fixedly preyed upon from a definite range of view. She would have noticed if this were a barrier set up by someone in a heartbeat.


Even though Bazett walked calmly, deep down, the idea of perhaps making one mistake made Bazett sweat cold. As preparation against the Dead Apostle making a move, Bazett deliberately carved runes,  and vividly continued to scatter their scent as she walked across the town.

Even if a Dead Apostle were to set up a barrier, that’d present no problem; this town was under the Church jurisdiction, hence if a Vampire incident were to outbreak, it’d be unthinkable of the Church to not bear their fangs against him. Just like the previously dispatched agents who were outstanding, though it couldn’t be asserted, they would have send the Crowned Agent right away.

It had become a serious matter.  Bazett hastened her pace, and as always kept watch of her surroundings.

At last, she reached the river. The largest  river of the country that divided this town in two. Bazett watched the  wavering river for several seconds, and resumed her investigation. One that bore no fruit.

This’ll do for the time being. I’ll come up with more entries later.


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