image 146.pngI just found out (late again) that a FGO arcade game is in the works. There’s really no end to this, right?

That reminds me, for the five people that were interested in HnM, I’d dare to say Takeru either doesn’t care/has given up on continuing it as doujin. We haven’t seen a new chapter released since 2015-09-14, nor has he uploaded sketches or the like to his photolife account. The MB Nightmare manga was the last thing we saw from him, and it already ended months ago. But at least Tsuki no Sango (almost done) and KnK’s Spiral Paradox are still ongoing, albeit at snail’s pace. DDD manga when.

I’ll also try to continue Law of Contradiction, which I honestly forgot existed. Hopefully I’ll be able to translate something before a new semester begins.


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  1. Law of Contradiction is a great thing, I will be waiting)
    Rather than doing a dynasty warriors clone, porting fate extra to PC is way more desirable.😐

    • Fate/EXTRA can easily be emulated now, so is CCC though the latter is still untranslated. I’ll try to make some entries and continue LoC (I’m translating as I play). Thanks for sticking to this blog.

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