Law of Contradiction: Bazett 2-3*

*I will update this entry a couple of times, around 4, probably.. This semester has been hell and I don’t feel like employing the the little free time I get to translate. Here’s a tidbit:

Certainly, only a fool would get caught in that vigilence network.
In middle of the traffic, a faint scream, almost as if it was about to fade out reached her ears, her neurones fired up and Bazett’s body, just like the wind, began her sprint.
It was 8 P.M, unthinkable for a vampire to act this early but upon hearing that scream, she started searching for it, however it was clear that it wasn’t any kind of tough.
But the sound of concrete cracking and falling.
Running uphill and making a wall jump towards the building, Bazett climbs to the rooftop and turns her head two, three times to locate the source of the scream, then taking a huge leap she landed at the back alley.

image 54
There, the singing voice of a young male reached her ears, and the scenario she had expected laid out before her. A gaping hole in a concrete wall and dust in the air.

image 63

Asserting that she had finally tracked it, and in response to an imminent fight, her body tensed up; Bazett’s spine shivered.

image 65
A man was hunching over a woman. A sticky sound accompanied with the sound of losing oneself masticating something rough. It wasn’t rape, and due the perversion of the act, it didn’t seem much of a murder scene. Actually, the man was literally eating the woman. A dead commanded by a vampire.

image 87
Upon her arrival, Bazett turned her head, and realized that the now dead young woman was caught as a prey. She was asian. Bazett deemed the victim as a traveller, and recalled the words of the coffee employee this afternoon.
A sightseeing boat sinking,
tourists going astray and missing,
The boat those tourists boarded…it couldn’t be.

2 responses to “Law of Contradiction: Bazett 2-3*

  1. Just reentered your blog for the first time in years after following a stray link from BL.

    I just want to say, thanks for keeping the old school (?) torch aflame in the FGO wastelands.

    • I rarely log in to BL now. It’s all the same, I losing hope there. On the other hand, I want to keep updating this blog but things have gotten busier. For example, I have the latest Tsuki no Sango manga chapter and LoC on hold.

      Thanks for the visit, btw.

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