Girls’ Work

Let’s talk about that visual novel that became an anime yet current status is unknown since 2010.


In the first volume of this magazine we have news of Girls’ Work.
The long silence was finally broken.
At first Girls Work was planned as an AVG, [adventure game? visual novel?] but that changed and it was decided to make it an anime.
The story of the girls restart anew.

A game announced in April 2008 as part of “the next worlds of TYPE-MOON.” According to the announcement, unlike TYPE-MOON’s previous games, the main character of the game would be a city called Shinjuku, which has become a city similar to Paris.


—Welcome to the Dreaming City! 「With youth in your heart, dance with Shirube」(?)

The game would be a non-ero game. TYPE-MOON would only be involved in the production of the game, while the game itself would be written by Hoshizora Meteo and Myogaya Jinroku, and drawn by someone other than Takeuchi. In effect, even though the game would carry the TYPE-MOON label, it would be made by anything but TYPE-MOON.


Promotional art for the VN

While no major announcement regarding the game was released since then, in December 2010, a Girls’ Work anime was announced in TYPE-MOON Ace Vol.6. The anime will be handled by ufotable, with Takenashi Eri as the main artist and the story written by Meteo Hoshizora.



Promotional art for the Anime

The keywork of this work is “The Heart of the Town”
The living town Shinjuku becomes the stage, while dreaming of the capital of flowers, Paris. It is therefore, an encounter of people who live between the border of the dream and the girl—– The Heart of the Town, soars, dances, plays.
“The heart” is closer to God than a human. And God is closer to a devil.
With bottomless freedom, she knows not uneasiness or tears.
The town is a mirror that reflects the wish of “the heart.”

Asube Shirube (遊日部しるべ)

Middle school second year rebel child. The heroine of this story. A wild girl who symbolizes the vitality and freedom of Shinjuku. She exerts influence in any level of the city. She’s feared and called “The Holy Mother”. Non-humans who lurk in the city call her mysterious existence “The Heart of the City” and acknowledge her superiority. She plays around flying in the city has it if were her own dedicated attraction park. She has a whimsical temper and a sharp tongue. She’s an arrogant child, and due to being a rebel, doesn’t have any friends her own age. She’s agile enough to run to the top of a building with ease, but can’t break a pair of chopsticks. She likes strong carbonated sodas and sweets, and cold things and hot spicy things, she enjoys the stimulus of opposed extreme flavors.

Jizeru Kurayamizaka (暗闇坂じぜる)

Second year middleschool transfer student. She hides a different supernatural power than that of Shirube’s, and aims at her as a yakuza assassin. One of the few who can sense the magic and feeling of incongruity in Shinjuku.
Has docile appearance but a strong passion is hidden within her heart.

Ariso Miyamoto (宮本ありそ)

Dropped out of highschool during her second year. Attracted by the capital, she ran away from home and was found and picked up by Shigure, and became her caretaker. A crybaby bodyguard. Diligent and kind, she respects justice, and is a good person liked by all. But Ariso is weak to temptation so every day is a meeting to discuss her actions.





The information presented in this entry wasn’t translated by me; I had it stored in a word file. Although I think most of it came from /fate/.

Sources: Girls’ Work | Girls’ Work homepage


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