Law Of Contradiction: Bazett 3 – Chance Meeting

some strange choice of words in the original script for this scene, will change it later, probably

Next day, she woke up after the sun went down.

She couldn’t feel any traces of the Dead Apostle during daytime, so  she limited her actions to night time.

Stretching her fingers lightly, she carved a rune. After feeling the fluffiness the bed  against her body, Bazett let out a deep sigh. Tonight, if possible, she wants to break into the Dead Apostle lair.

Leaving the key, she left the hotel.

And at that moment, the whole scene was engulfed by her sight.

Sticky, as if it were the eyes of a snake.


It was a gaze like that of a surveillance camera with a will.


Bazett continued walking calmly.

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Kara no Kyoukai: Oblivion Recorder manga


Just found out that the ninth volume of the manga marks the end of Spiral Paradox. The current chapter at sai-zen is 54, and after looking at the raws there’s still two chapters to be released online, which means the online version is two chapters behind. Based on the changing release rate, I’d wager Spiral Paradox will be done by the end of the year.

That above is the promotional image for arc. I’m kinda excited tbh, I wish someone would scanlate it.

Type Moon Studio BB Recruitment Pages Shed Light On Future Projects


Type-Moon announced on 30th August 2019 that they have created a new studio, Type-Moon Studio BB to develop new mid to large scale 3D games in collaboration with external developers and small-scale 2D games internally.

The staff are going to be working on 2D action games, 2D RPGs, and 2D strategy games with Unity and Unreal Engine 4.
Studio BB is prioritising programmers with experience with smartphones and home consoles, suggesting that these are the platforms they will be focusing on.
Studio BB is seeking artists with experience with making pixel art (sprites) and animations as well as 3D models and animations suggesting that they are looking into both 2D and 3D games.
They are looking for a project manager with business level English skills which suggests that they might be looking into overseas releases.
The game designer page says that they are looking for someone with experience with 2D action game development experience as well, which could mean that they would be looking into that first (as Niinou primarily has experience with RPGs, however, this could simply mean be to cover something that he has less expertise in)