Tsukihime Remake is being test-played



“Speaking of your primary job, we’re hoping to see the tsukihime remake soon.”
Nasu: “we’ve actually just test-played it a bit, i assure you the older you are (as a gamer) the better it’ll be.”

How much those ‘those play tests’ cover it’s unknown. But hey, it’s still alive. Also he’d like to remake EXTRA.

Mahoutsukai no Yoru French to English Translation Project

It’s Alice’s birthday today, so I would like to announce a project me and a lot of other people have been working on.

We have been working on a Mahoyo translation based on the French translation by Moon-Trad. It’s currently in the early stages of production, but we plan to have chapter 8 out incredibly soon, we’ll update this thread and post when that happens.

The translation will begin at chapter 8 and cover anything that hasn’t been translated into English yet. We might go back and do Chapter 1-7 when we’re done, but those aren’t a priority right now. We also plan to be consistent with Mcjons translation with terms and such

Screenshots of the current work done https://imgur.com/a/H7WcSoA Please realize that these aren’t the same quality as we’ll be releasing, none of these have been edited yet.

Send your good vibes to them.

Thread at BL