Today’s Menu for the Emiya household gets a game, literally

To be released in Spring 2020.


has Type-Moon gone too far?

Fate/strange Fake CM for the 6th volume


song is shit lmao

some old TM stuff 1/?

A gallery showcasing a few illustrations from TM artbooks/media I had stored on an old USB. They’re not necessarily in order. There’s also one from an April Fools that shouldn’t be hard to pinpoint. I had this habit of hoarding TM data, so there are more USBs and CDs brimming with music, doujins, etc. I have yet to find the time to sort through everything after all these years. Eventually, I will upload some stuff.


Tsukihime Remake scenes?


December 19, TYPE-MOON Exhibition. Merem (well-known TM blogger, owner of Demonishon) claims to have seen 19 scenes of a game that he’s looking forward (Tsukihime Remake) introducing 4 heroines or so. Moreover, he says there was a scene of someone folding its arms and a seemingly Mystic Eyes activation. Maybe you remember Arc when he cornered Shiki to take responsibility for killing her? Sounds like that scene.

Take this with a grain of salt. I mean, that tweet was from ten days ago, and I have yet to see somebody else talking about it. Sometimes taking photos is forbidden, but I’m still skeptical about this not gaining enough traction to show up in twitter or blogs.