Tsukihime Remake scenes?


December 19, TYPE-MOON Exhibition. Merem (well-known TM blogger, owner of Demonishon) claims to have seen 19 scenes of a game that he’s looking forward (Tsukihime Remake) introducing 4 heroines or so. Moreover, he says there was a scene of someone folding its arms and a seemingly Mystic Eyes activation. Maybe you remember Arc when he cornered Shiki to take responsibility for killing her? Sounds like that scene.

Take this with a grain of salt. I mean, that tweet was from ten days ago, and I have yet to see somebody else talking about it. Sometimes taking photos is forbidden, but I’m still skeptical about this not gaining enough traction to show up in twitter or blogs.


7 responses to “Tsukihime Remake scenes?

      • I don’t know if you saw it but there was a wall scroll posted online for Tsukihime Remake. What got people attention about the scroll is that it had a Fate/ Stay Night 15th Anniversary logo in the bottom right corner. The fans were mad as to why they needed a logo from fate. Thinking about it now it could be proof that there Tsukihime might just appear at the event and as is said in my post with the 19 scenes we might be getting it appearing as a trailer.

      • Ya we won’t know until the event. But I also posted about hearing this 4 heroine thing before. I heard that before in carnival phantasm never figured out who they all were as I got 3 of them I think.

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