Looking back on TM (opinion)

I remember when back then you didn’t have to name the Heroic Spirit in discussion; specifying whether it was Caster or Zero Caster was more than enough. It’s been a long time already.

It’s amazing to see how much TM has grown after 2011. I’d dare to say it was around this year that TM went really  mainstream, be it for good or bad.

2011 had the F/Z anime which attracted a handful of people that weren’t into VNs. We had anime, but they weren’t particularly that popular outside of DEEN’s F/sn. A year before the UBW movie had been released. KnK was a success, but it was relegated to a niche fanbase. Everyone was happy about F/Z getting an adaptation,  imo. We knew the quality of ufotable (KnK) so this opened the chance of more material eventually being adapted. Although in my case, I could live without TM anime; TM was more a game company to me.

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TM Comic Ace


TM now set up/updated a site where you can read online some of their manga series featured in magazines (mainly Young Ace). Even old ones like Tsukihime and Fate/Zero. Four new series were also announced , FGO-related.

The updates for new chapters apparently occur during weekdays at 11 hours JST.

TM Comic Ace

Law of Contradiction: Ciel1

A few days before.

Upon seeing the sunlight coming from the window, she closed the book.


She was reading a not very entertaining novel while dozing off, and when she realized, the morning had already greeted her.

Did I fall asleep? Asked herself the woman on the sofa.

She had been killing time during the boring night, she had been gazing at a novel that nosey boy had brought with himself.

He was very open-hearted and a fervent enthusiast of vampires.

Still, there was no problem because there was plenty of time to kill.

The woman stood up and opened the curtains.


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Law of Contradiction: Bazett4

I think it’s time to proofread up previous entries after this. That’s gonna take a while though.

As soon as Bazett returned to the hotel, she had already completed her preparations for the encounter.

Her whole body tensed and her senses sharpened. Footsteps could be heard.

Although it wasn’t clear as to how many people were making those sounds, they all gave off a strong bloodlust. Putting on her gloves, she carved a rune.

Footsteps, extremely small yet well coordinated, as though they belonged to those of an army. Then, they stopped altogether in front of her room.

Bazett felt a strange sense of uneasiness. Although the footsteps and breath were craftily hidden, the bloodlust was strong enough to leak. This indicated that this was the work of a novice.

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