Starlit Marmalade manga: 1st star


I will be taking a break from translating manga, this came out a bit rushed so whatever.  That being said, the only pain of this series is the editing. If you wanna at least lend a hand with cleaning and small redraws, you’ll be getting this faster. I only need to actually type up the script for the second chapter, the translation is already done.


More! For Experts

That’s about it for all the Tsukihime chapters of Take-Moon that didn’t make it to Carnival Phantasm. You’re welcome.

I’m not really okay with the title, but I’ll try to mimic the translation for the Carnival Phantasm episode.  It’s a kind of follow up to 通な贈り物 -An Expert’s Gift. Still, let’s say it’s still tentative. If you’ve got a more natural sounding title for も~っと通, go ahead and comment. This will be uploaded later.