Tsukihime Remake (fanmade)

“The remake isn’t coming out so I made it myself.

It’s a novel game of about 6 hours and one chapter.

It’ll focus on Depletion Garden. The game may be available for download from 4/2 in home of this account.”

Mahou Tsukai no Yoru Spanish translation in editing

I must admit that I never expect anything from the hispanic fanbase, but  this is a pleasant surprise. I didn’t even know about its existence to be honest. Turns out someone translated Mahoyo from japanese-spanish in about one year and 4 days and is currently undergoing through editing. Funnily enough, this makes two Nasu works that were first translated 100% into another language other than english.

It happened with DDD, being translated first by the chinese and then by the russians. And it’s repeating with Mahoyo with its french translation. Good news for the romance languages speaking people, it seems.

¡Vaya momento para estar vivo!

What I know about Starlit Marmalade Vol.2


I think the story revolves around two new students in search of the Holy Scripture Triten. I couldn’t find much, but I did translate the japanese wiki pages of the new characters. I’ll try to give it a listen and see how much I can understand, it’s nearly two hours long. That’s gonna take a while though.

Apparently, the Triten we know had a piece stolen.

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