Law of Contradiction: Ciel4

Ciel continued following Bazett’s trail for the next days. By concealing her presence, she continued watching over her.

The reason was simple. The power of a Dead Apostle. Not your regular Dead Apostle, but one possessing a particular ability. A magus of high status who lives and breaths magecraft. Needless to say, the Association would be interested in this matter, so the strength of the Dead Apostle Ancestor had to be looked further into.

Bazett slept through the day and stepped outside after the sun had sank. She readied her runes, and to secure herself in the event of a close-range fight, she grabbed some strange pipe tubes.

Bazett walked through the streets with concern. She noticed something unusual. The Dead Apostle was at the town and could change his appearance at will, anytime.

There was no sign that the Dead Apostle noticed Ciel.
He may be aware of her existence, but he wasn’t so foolish as to let himself be caught so easily.

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Type-Moon Apology for F/sn anniversary book mistakes

P012 TYPE-MOON History
2001年08月 タイトル表記
誤)「シエルさんインドですよ」 → 正)「シエルさんインドです」
P119 Fate Character Chronicle
『カーニバル・ファンタズム』画像 → 画像の差し替え修正
P130 Another Works Heroines
『MELTY BLOOD』画像 → 画像の差し替え修正
『MELTY BLOOD』画像 → 画像の差し替え修正
P131 Another Works Heroines
『MELTY BLOOD』画像 → 画像の差し替え修正


most of the fixes were illustration replacements and one typo.

Official apology