Hana no Miyako TM-ACE8


This was a brief explanation of the academy Hana no Miyako! took place as even Kirishima himself though people had a lot of questions during the first chapters. I put it on hold for almost eight years, and I finally got around to it, a quick and dirty job.

Missing the afterword of vol.3 though. I’ve had it on hold for months and it’s missing just one or two sentences. One of these days for sure.


Starlit Marmalade manga: 1st star


I will be taking a break from translating manga, this came out a bit rushed so whatever.  That being said, the only pain of this series is the editing. If you wanna at least lend a hand with cleaning and small redraws, you’ll be getting this faster. I only need to actually type up the script for the second chapter, the translation is already done.


More! For Experts

That’s about it for all the Tsukihime chapters of Take-Moon that didn’t make it to Carnival Phantasm. You’re welcome.

I’m not really okay with the title, but I’ll try to mimic the translation for the Carnival Phantasm episode.  It’s a kind of follow up to 通な贈り物 -An Expert’s Gift. Still, let’s say it’s still tentative. If you’ve got a more natural sounding title for も~っと通, go ahead and comment. This will be uploaded later.