Taken from the Visual Novels, MB saga and official Manga regarding the Tsukihime franchise.

1323524224: A nonsensical answer Nerojou-kun stated.
3323131521: Same as above.
3414534512: ^
Abandon All Youth, Ye Who Enter Here: A phrase engraved on the main gate of the Asagami Private Girls Academy. Probably made by a graduated student.
Aproned Devil: Nickname for Kohaku.
Asagami Insane Asylum: That’s how the Tohno Mansion is called in Imogirisou. The house Tohno Akiba lived in.
BARELEGSBARELEGSBARELEGSBARELEGS: Shiki’s reaction when seeing Arc in a shirt in the morning.
Beat: Nero beast
Black Hall Animal Roasts: A booth located at the Shrine close to the place where the Summer Festival is held at Fuyuki.
Black–haired doll: A stuffed animal Arcueid got at some time. Shiki-shaped.
Bloody Royale 3 or BR3 for short: The game Kohaku and Shiki played in Kagetsu Tohya
Blue: Aoko’s nickname.
Broomstick Girl Magical Amber: Another nickname for Kohaku
Bulletin Toast and Apple Jelly: A booth located at the Shrine close to the place where the Summer Festival is held at Fuyuki.
Cari (Curry) du Marche: Said to be the first Dead Apostle Ciel fought. Later the Scenario Director denied his existence. Chaos ensued.
Cheese: A thing the Scenario Director likes.
Clan Ouroboros: a high school gang whose leader is Roasuke.
Class Q: The class Ms. Ciel imparted class on.
Coulter: Nero’s beloved “dog” offered as prize in the Tohno Con Game.
Curry Sandwich: Senpai’s prize that didn’t make it in the TCG.
Dai Teito: A barbecue restaurant in the neighbouring town. Eating contests take place every month and winners get their names displayed in the restaurant. The names of the Aozaki Sisters are already there.
Don’t hold back on enjoying: System Manager’s motto.
Eto: A talking deer. For real.
Flash of the Dimensional Ninja: Eto’s attack.
Flat-chested girl: Obviously Akiha.
French Bread: “Do you mean Ciel?” A witty joke by Neco Arc.
Friends Room: Is a large public room that Asagami’s student may use freely. Used to drink tea or just for chit chat. Managed by a member of the school staff.
Harada Tomoyo Album: A CD Sacchin has and listens to.
Gabuki’s special: TV show about ghost stories.
Golden Panties: Arcueid underwear. Discovered by the almighty and later deceased Tohno Shiki.
Grand ThOft Auto: The game Kohaku suggested to play after playing BR3.
Hanepin: Misawa Hanei’s nickname. One of Akiha’s roommates.
Ice bar: a really cool idea someone had at some point, a hit during summer.
Keisan doori desu: Sion’s catchprase, overused in Carnival Phantasm.
Imoutohime:There are 12 little sisters! rumored to be in Tsukihime 2. Nii-san will hold your hand, yo!. A Type-Moon daily message.
Illicit Material Girl Magical Trip: Another Kohaku nickname.
Invisible Tohno-Senpai: underclassmen call Akiha this way, due to her strong personality.
Kashima Temple: Place where a random girl became the unwilling soccer ball to twenty-two deers. Hence her fear for deers.
KATTO: CutCut. Wallachia going apeshit.
Kinoko Republic: I don’t know honestly. An answer of Tsukihime the How and Why.
Little sister punch!: Akiha’s punch attack.
Little sister eye-poke!: Akiha’s eye-poke attack.
Little sister iron claw!: Akiha’s iron law attack.
Lilttle sister kick!: Akiha’s kick attack.
Little sister knee kick!: Akiha’s knee kick attack.
Lying Adult: also known as Scenario Director. See Cari du Marche.
Lobo: Another of Nero’s beasts.
Maidkiller Shiki: a possible brand new nickname given to Shiki.
Mark II: a mobile restaurant. Property of Takada Youichi’s brother. A classmate of Shiki.
Messian: An indian restaurant in Misaki. Shiki holds a date with Ciel there.
Monster Mushroom: An old anime character. The director drew it from memory. And so it became his self-portrait. We all know who this is, right?
Mushroom Bomb: Nasu’s attack. Shows at its birthday as a daily message in Kagetsu Tohya.
Mushroom-chan punch!: Another attack.
Nanako: Name given to Seven by Arihiko.
Nerojou: Nero as a student.
Oh Yeah Yakitori: A booth located at the Shrine close to the place where the Summer Festival is held at Fuyuki.
Old lady: We already known you’re over twenty, Senpai.
Peacekeeper: Another one for Kohaku.
Pudding-a-la-mode: A snack Uncle Nrvnqsr bought at Fujiya for 700 yen.
Rising Yakisoba: A booth located at the Shrine close to the place where the Summer Festival is held at Fuyuki.
Roasuke: Roa as a student. Clan Ouroboros’s gang leader. Blacklisted by many convenience stores. Always buys things over 10,000 yen and pays it all with 1 yen coins.
Roasuke’s *******: what does it taste like?
Sacchin’s room: An abandoned building.
Seven Mysteries: Stories of fantasy present in the gossip of Asagami’s Girls Academy. Play Kagetsu Tohya for a further explanation.
Shiki LOVE: a kind of graffiti written on an expensive painting at the Tohno Mansion.
Shiki-san Hoihoi: A simple trap, part of the Tohno Group’s anti-personnel trap shooter.
Souka School’s Highest Rank Certain Kill Round Kick: The kick Akiha applied to Tsukasa.
Suicide Impulse: something Ciel thought Shiki might have.
The Great City’s roast persimmons: A booth located at the Shrine close to the place where the Summer Festival is held at Fuyuki.
The Naked Flight’s strawberry crepes: A booth located at the Shrine close to the place where the Summer Festival is held at Fuyuki.
THIS CHAIR: Shiki turning fucking insane.
To die is to get the substance sucked out: I don’t know what to believe this means.
Tohno Akiba: Another personality Akiha had in Imogirisou. Believed to be the older sister (Inverted Akiha/red hair)
Tohno Shiki-sama: a form Sacchin could call SHIKI..
Tohno Shiki’s Boyhood Photo Collection: An edited album by Arihiko. Features both of them through all their lives.
Tsukihime the How and Why: A quiz made by Kohaku.
Twitching Animal Land: Nero’s really cool album featuring over a thousand pictures and also mementos of those who died. Additionally has paintings Nero made himself.
Uncle Nrvnqsr: Akiha’s and Shiki uncle in Kinoko’s Masterpiece Experimental Theater.
When I came to, all the money in my wallet had turned into Monopoly money!: One of the best daily messages. Seriously.
Woman are lovable no matter what they do: Arihiko’s motto. Only when he has fallen for them.
XXX: No, it’s not porn. It’s the salary Akiha pays to the Meidos. Enough for them to quit working and LIVE THE DREAM.
Yakety Sax goes to track 18: Apparently Nasu noticed how funnny his Ero scenes were. Yakety Sax switches “Parting“. A daily message.
You can’t beat me!: The Imogirisou saying.
“…When I woke up. I found her in the kitchen. She charged me like a roagreen beret, restrained me into a headlock, then a fantastic combo, and finally… a chopping light! It was a miracle…” One of the best paragraphs Nasu has ever written.

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  1. oh the nonsensical answers nerojou gave are actually the answers to the 3 quizzes if you go to makihisa’s room as an easter egg

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