A few things you should know

Below this line you’ll find a clusterfuck of unorganized information. It’s canon, don’t worry. Although you may not take a few things too seriously. Be warned, mental damage is foreseen.

Hisui loves to wake up Shiki, refuses to buy an alarm clock
Kohaku plays vidya
Kohaku is Sougen apprentice
Hisui is willing to move on with Shiki if he ever left the mansion
Kohaku doesn’t like to hurt people…
Kohaku likes to watch TV and ghost stories. Gabuki’s special is one of her favorite shows, apparently
Hisui’s breasts are described as sotf and flat at the same time, what the fuck

Akiha finds manga vulgar
Akiha’s chest is as steep as a cliff side
Rumors said that she joined one of the traditional clubs at Asagami. It’s unknown whether it was Mahjong or Baccara.

Arc has golden panties
Arcs stops her bodily functions, curious, because she’s still breathing some lines after
She does not dream exactly, but rather remember the past
Arc doesn’t like garlic
Arc has a stuffed toy which resembles Shiki

Nasu likes cheese
Kugamine was engaged with Akiha
Kugamine family power is their fortune
Tsunewai-kun is a classmate of Shiki
Jinan Tokie was Shiki’s ‘first’
Tokie’s boyfriends were beaten up by his father, Sougen
Souge practices acupuncture
Seo cannot stand cold, makes it more difficult for her to get up in the morning
Seo likes beer and western drinks and has developed an endurance against alcohol. Her family are specialists at brewing liquor
Arihiko plays Mahjong
The girl who was running away from Eto was the heir of the brainwashing karate Hisui-do!
Eto taps certain places with his horns

Shiki likes more aprons than maid dresses
Shiki and Arihiko destroyed a historical monument, breaking it’s arm off and later disintegrated it.  And for some reason stuffed remains in a wooden sword case
Shiki gave up gambling since middle school, and also plays Mahjong.

Ciel Senpai
Ciel likes to stroll the nights and attend a nice restaurant
Senpai breasts are big
Ciel wears string

Misaki City
Messian is smaller than a convenience store. It’s wedged between offices and book stores along with other commercial entities on the second floor. The counter is the first thing that greets the customer who steps out of the elevator, also crowded. You get there through an elevator. It’s an Indian restaurant by the way, some waiters may possess a funny accent. The Aoko sisters names are printed on a plaque in Messian.

Mark II
It’s a mobile restaurant. The owner is the brother of Shiki’s classmate, Takada Yoichi. Seemingly he doesn’t have a license.
To go from Asagami to the Tohno Mansion takes two hours by train.

Arihiko would hit his parents but not his friends.
Arihiko likes nee-san with glasses

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