You’re free to debunk them, no, in fact; I want you to debuke them.

Decoration Disorder Disconnection Theories

Theory # 1

Kinui “Doctor Roman” and “Tsuranui” Mihaya (father – daughter?)

Defining the main points ————–

What we know

    Kinui (貫井):

  • Origa Memorial Hospital Doctor
  • Casually had medical sessions with Arika and Makina during their rehabilitation and later allowed the discharge and location of both.
  • A kind and romantic person.
  • His whereabouts are unknown (Past Hand.S [2004-2005])
    Tsuranui (貫井未早):

  • Arika’s underclassmen.
  • A cheerful, lively and rich girl.
  • Nineteen years old.
  • Lives alone by herself and has a department near a former Bread Factory.
  • Is not allowed to have job.

Reasons to speculate————–


  • Same kanji for the surname.
  • At the center of Prefecture C, an establishment called “Kinui General Hospital” exists. Hinomori Syuusei was admitted during three years here when he was diagnosticated with AD (95-98). Is he the director perhaps?
  • We don’t know about his family or any relationships.
  • Age is unknown.
  • If Kinui General Hospital happened to be under his jurisdiction and at the same time or a point later in his life joined Origa (a “charitable institution”) then the idea of him earning money enough to be rich from the General Hospital is feasible.


  • Same kanji for the surname. Arika misread it and “Tsuranui” kept.
  • If she was Dr. Roman’s daughter being rich would not be farfetched.
  • Her parent’s names were never known.
  • We know her old man (father?) is not close to her and even ignores her. Tsuranui once asked her old man about what “Demon Possession” was; he brushed her off with just being a mental disorder. However, this explanation is not often seen/spoken by the common people and only Doctors, Medics and the like or people involved in cases of Demon Possession should be aware of. The most casual belief of AD is that it’s caused by a demon, why? Because it’s the easiest way to explain and understand it.
  • Whether she has a mother is unknown. For that instance, Kinui not talking about his personal life together with Mihaya living alone would make sense, since he’s not interested in them.


For this to work 貫井must be the same Kinui at Origa which is highly possible and this is probably me being paranoid, etc. Doc’s first introduced as キヌイ then ドクター・ロマン and finally 貫井when Tomato tells Makina not to screw up Kinui-san’s efforts.

The kanji for “Kinui” in Kinui General Hospital it’s different: 「絹衣」not 「貫井」

If we follow the only appearance of 貫井when Touma addressed to Hisaori then Arika never knew how Kinui is written as long as we follow the Japanese text. IIRC Arika only uses Kinui in katakana and Doctor Roman.


Thus, a far away relationship between Kinui and Tsuranui is possible. The same kanji in their names holds the most definite power in this. Might be cool. 

Theory # 2

Karyou’s left leg prosthetic

Defining the main points—

What we know

Arika once saw a man in his forties with gaunt face wearing a gray suit in a despicable -tired , shoulders dropping and eyes devoid of any light- state enter the Water Tank. Arika decided to wait and see what happened afterwards, half an hour passed and the man never returned. When Arika questioned Kaie (subtly) if somebody came Karyou answered that a man asked him for help with his possession “I hope I freed him” –stated Karyou. The problem is, the man disappeared inside the place, literally.


I speculate that this old man is something akin to Merem’s King of Rats and it’s in fact, the true form of Kaie’s leg.

[…]Merem uses this to his advantage, as he is forever stuck in the body of a child. The Demon, usually acting under the guise of an elderly priest, acts as Merem’s spokesperson in human society. If ever brought under the gaze of a high-class exorcist, it would be unable to maintain its shape, and be forced to return to its original form. […]

If this is true then Kaie punishing Yamada outside the Water Tank is possible. This old man could very well be used as spokesperson in the outside world as well.

I wank that this old man is the “mysterious man who self-proclaimed demon possessed”. As we have seen, this man has granted the wishes of a few; Sinker, whom sanity was lost; Sekura, whom arm joints were elongated. However, the only known features this man has displayed are being middle-aged-border line old and that wears a hat.


Could’ve been just a common possessed.
The man could’ve been a different one. The Man Arika saw didn’t wear a hat.


Might be just me being paranoid. Karyou has his scary moments. 

Theory # 3

Yamada-san’s Spontaneous Combustion Incident

Supposedly Happened in 1995. I believe it was Karyou who caused this and that Yamada (Hand.S R]) survived or it was an alias given to his mediators.

Defining the main points ————–

What we know

Yamada (Hand.S(R):

  • Yamada is an alias.
  • About forty years old.
  • Predecessor as Kaie’s mediator, dismissed after Makina was discharged.
  • Was imitated by Makina for a period.

Reasons to speculate

Yamada suggesting to Arika (Makina) to never tell Kaie to go outside because apparently you turn into his enemy makes it look suspicious, as if Karyou was willing to punish whoever pronounced those words.


Either the Yamada we know or a previously known Yamada suggested Kaie to go outside. Then Karyou punished him with one of his prosthetics. Let’s go by process of elimination:

If it was Hatred then he’d have been devoured; if it was Sorrow he may have been dissolved; could be Delight since we don’t know much about it, and his left leg prosthetic and its unknown name or form. These could only happen as long as he was inside the Water Tank, I doubt Karyou has somebody to serve him as hitman. Unless,

The mysterious man who self-proclaimed demon possessed (S.vs.S) might as well be the person who caused this. A wish being granted to Yamada-san in the outside could end in this combustion.

There is also the possibility of something following him outside (Karyou’s demon?) which I find more unlikely.

In addition, Makina was a fifth grader by the time this happened. In Hand.S (L) we see that in one summer day a relaxed Makina yells that she’s seeing a ghost, a black, ash-like ghost. Perhaps, Makina was the witness of this incident. After this event Makina radically changed.

If Yamada survived then he giving this advice to his successor is not rare, nevertheless if that was another Yamada the experience of this incident passing through the time is not crazy either.


  • There must be more than one Yamada, it’s either that or the combustion didn’t kill him.
  • The place where this happened is pretty unclear. If the Makina speculation is right then the combustion happened outside the Water Tank, near Nouzu residential area in front of the Residence 303 (Hisaori Household).
  • We need to know the exact month of the incident and Makina’s birthday to see a difference of months:

You’re usually 10 or 11 in fifth grade. Then for this to work the Yamada incident must have happened sometime in the first seven months of 1995 (Ten years old Makina), and Makina’s birthday should be in the first seven months of 1984. Shinya is 19 years old by August 2004 whereas Makina is one year older than him.

  • Karyou’s reach is only limited to the Water Tank…I think..


Karyou is the one to blame for this incident. Using his left leg demon that is capable of going outside.

Part two coming soon.

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