Demon Possession
Common name of the sporadic mental disorder know as the Agonist Disorder. Described as a receptor crash.
Note: Emphasis in “common name”. The Disorder description is another matter.

During this process the person’s going to be broken along with the demon. The person will return to his usual self but rehabilitation afterwards is hopeless. Cure the Agonists,  eviction of demons—the average person would  believe this is only a fantasy however,  Shikura is filled with rumours about a certain Forest where a individual capable of vanishing demons lives. Excorcisms are often executed by Arika using Hatred.

Agonist Disorder transmission
Apparently, the media says that it’s not spread airborne nor through some other type of contact. It isn’t spread through fluids, skinship or animals. Electromagnetic waves are a more accurate cause. Yet Hinomori claims that Kisara’s blood was infected because of the demon children she kidnapped. What gives?

Demon Errand
Missions Arika often executes. Their main objective is the elimination of a demon. Arika has gone to  four  so far. IIRC those were: Sekura Yumiya and Sinker’s case on August, Kizaki’s case on September and Fusou Yukio’s on October.

Phantom limb pain
Resulting pain from lost/defective limbs that should be non-existent. In medicine, the phantom limb pain is interpreted as the inherent structure of the nerves from the missing limb causing pain.

Demon Possession symptoms
Abnormalities appear not just in the body but also in the mental plain. The growth of organs depends of the individual. Mainly, two levels of infection are take into account, these are>

  • Mild: Transfiguration of personality, loss of self, incapability of adapting to society, physical weakening or strengthtening, etc.
  • Severe: Self-injurious behavior, attempted suicides, hostility towards their surroundings, damage towards other people feels trivial, etc.  A grave appearance change and alteration of bodily functions as well.  A heavy demonic possession transforms the mind not just the body.

Demon Possession outbreak conditions (a few)
To begin with, the disorder is not developed automatically. Is an epidemic mental illness. Especially affecting those with a weak mind. The environment the person lives in among other external factors may influence in weakening their hearts and such. Those socially inepts or driven insane by to the disorder; In this kind of people is where the “devil” dwells, inside the people whom will became weak.

Demon Possession sources (theory)
These are just according to Arika and a few others seen in the remaining chapters, so don’t take them too seriously. There have been a few examples where this could be described, seen or felt as:

  • An onminous premonition.
  • A ghost? a burning, black, ash-like one.
  • A feeling in the darkness.
  • A kind of smog in the streets.

New part
Simply put: It’s the new organ or body function created to cope with the body alteration created by the damaged body receptors.
The possibility of removing these organs is feasible, but this is limited to only a few individuals that aren’t in a severe situation. In some cases if the new organ is somewhere in the brain the exicsion of the new part leads the patients becoming vegetables. For example, Kanata was already a severe case when she came to Origa, by the time of HandS she was already incurable.

Tsuranui’s word, also slang for naughtiness or mischievousness.

Prefecture C
A relatively large area of the country. A total area of over 5,000 km², located at the east of the Kanto Plain. There are about 60 cities with a population of approximately 6 million people.

Shikura City
Located in the northern part of Prefecture C. Population is about 150,000. The commuter express to downtown takes approximately two hours. Patients with intensified physicals abnormalities are unable to reach other prefectures. Runs the only international airport in Prefecture C. Near the airport the landscape is mostly filled with mountains, hills, fields -in short, rural- however, the closer you get to the heart of the city the urbanization grows notorious. The level of development of the city is uncomparable with the 23th Tokyo district, but greater than the average district city*. Shikura city is anually moving towards modernization. Every year the New Year’s Eve ritual attracts masses that amount to two million people. Such a sudden influx of people will feel like opening the gates of hell. In addition, hot springs are open at any time (read, weekday) except for winter holidays, where Tomato-san and Arika would ocasionally visit to hunt for novel incidents.

Some place name at Shikura City. The distribution of people is quite uneven, being the Industrial Park the only place with a high mass of inhabitants. Composed of industrial and residential areas. The Industrial park covers an area of over three square kilometers. Transportation consists of buses and subways and a large and only national highway. The park is employed in goods provision and markets that leave nothing to be desired. Rather than Isolated Islanda more fitting way to describe it would be “Land Fortress”. Number of houses around 3000, resident population about 8,000. Probably because of multiple demon stories the Industrial Park is known as Nouzu’s “Delusion Park”. By the end of September 2004 residents started to spread demon rumours beyond the city, started to be believed in December 2004. Many violent happenings have broke out inside the Park making the residents quite uneasy and shut themselves in. Place where the Hisaori lived and Shinya’s corpse was found.

Kareno Hill
Located at C prefecture. Southernmost tip of the city.
Early 1999. The suspect of the Kareno collective suicide attempt incident is, precisely, Hinomori Syuusei. Arrested by the Police Department here in 2003.

A stylish cafe curiously placed at the opposite side of Building No. 13 (the place where Arika lives). Place where “Arika” was introduced to Yamada who later offered him/her the job as Karyou’s facilitator.

Dinning Bar Nebula
Arika’s usual place to eat. Despite serving Italian food the name is just wrong. The inside it’s as large as a college classroom and is crammed with forty tables. Its atmosphere is frantic, bustling and lousy. The customers ages vary from 16 to 30.

Koala-ke Hill Senior High School
The Private School where Iguruma Kazumi and Sekura Yumiya attended. Quite famous for its defensive baseball team. Enemies with Shikura Senior High School No.1.

Shikura Senior High School No.1
A public school with a an affection for baseball and even so lose every year. Shikura’s baseball team is offensive conversely the play style of their enemies (Koala Hill) is defensive. Among its famous baseball tales was a formidable Slugger who often vomited after hitting a homerun (Kirisu) and once day after vomiting for the tenth time lost consciousness during a game, there was also a talented pitcher from Koala Hill (Kazumi) whom defeated Shikura. Arika, Kirisu, Tsuranui, Tomori and Shougo attended this school, not at the same time of course. And yes, Arika used to play baseball too.

Amusement Park
Located at Prefecture C, part of Nouzu Industrial Zone. Connected to the National Highway. A 50 meters wide, 15 meters tall, three-storey concrete building with floor-to-ceiling windows. The first floor is a bookstore, on the second and third floor is the game center. Possesses an undergound parking lot. The building where the Tougo Kisara happenings occurred. Ended up destroyed after Kisara detonated a bomb.

Room Number 404
Ookumaneko Mokumoku’s room. Called “cat box” by Kanata. Most distant room from Ward C. Located at Ward D. Pitchblack and oxygenless (since is literally the space) once you enter you cannot exit. It was unknown what was inside the room (other than a D level patient). Around 10 people have died entering the room, these people were of course trying to check on Mokumoku so they probably were doctors. With a deformative iron door with a thickness of little less than 10cms and an electronic lock. Place where Ookumaneko’s corpse resides.

Ishimori Residence
Yamanashi Residence neighbors. They’re all also in the same block as the Ishizue and Kizaki residences.

Ishizue Residence
Located at Shikura Hill in Prefecture C, block 2. Separated from the opposite block by a station, it takes about an hour to get there on foot, twenty minutes on a bus and less than fifteen minutes on a car. It was covered all over with blood and bullet holes by the time Touma Mato encountered Kanata. The house was repaired and later had become vacant.

Kizaki Residence
Adress is Shikurazaka, block 2, 4-7. Same block as Ishizue, Ishimori and Yamanashi households.

Tsuranui’s apartment
Located at the end of the manufacturing district, in the opposite side of Arika’s apartment. Used to be a women’s dormitory for a bread factory. The rent is “ridiculously cheap”, according to Arika.

Karyou Mansion
A private property. Servants and relatives lived there. An incident occurred and was demolished in 1986. Its remains are currently located at the forest. The current Water Tank was originally a sort of warehouse detached from the mansion.

West Building -Hayashibiru-
Office building at Koala Hill  where Tomori hid in New Year’s Eve holidays in 2004. Counted with everyhing someone would need. Electricity, sweets, tea, computers, etc.

A coffe shop, Kirisu met with Nishino once here.

N Prefecture
The prefecture where Origa Memorial Hospital is located.

Kinui General Hospital
Located at the center of Prefecture C. After his arrest in 1995, Hinomori Syuusei was admitted for three years in this hospital to later arrange his transference to Origa even though this ended in a failure. I’m quite surprised the hospital name is Kinui, though the kanji is different to that of the Doc.

Residence Number 303
The household number of the Hisaori. Place where both the Hisaori couple and Shinya were murdered.

Shikura Station
Considered to be the central station of Shikura City.

University (no name)
Near Yasakadai. The university where Arika was once a student. Their tuna with rice bowl is said to be superb, so much so that Tsuranui would go all the way just to eat it! Nearby a girls college exists.

One of Shikura more populated places, often used by some gangs in shady bussiness. If you walk from the station you will encounter two colleges and a university packed with a large number of students. The development of new routes has increased the amount of people accesing Yasakadai to reach the city center. With a jigsaw scenery buildings there may vary, for example: some five-storey small buildings and new twenty-storey buildings bleak to the impressive forty-storey hotel.

Discrimination Office

Located somse distance afar from the station in front of Yasakadai. An establishment used by Kirisu as shelter for runaways teenagers or people who wanted to remain anonymous. A ten-story building that looks as if it was open, but in reality it’s not, also used as a hotel. Possesses a Karaoke in the fourth floor. Kirisu reserved this whole floor with approximately 20 rooms. All that remains is the Karaoke room. Peeping into other habitations is not allowed. The maximum of residents the building can accomodate is 800.

Iguruma Residence
Kazumi’s home. Located at the extremities of Nouzu Industrial Park. A tenement house.



Dr. Roman
Origa Memorial Hospital doctor. Name is Kinui. Listeners will usually feel embarassed by his romantic words so everyone calls him “Doctor Roman” also commonly known as “Doctor”.  A kind person. Casually had sessions with Arika and Makina and later allowed the discharge and future location of both.

Not his real name, perhaps a pseudonym. Predecessor as facilitator of Karyou Kaie. About forty years old. Advised Arika to never say to Kaie “Let’s go outside”. There was also a period when he was imitated by Makina. His whereabouts are currently unknown. His relationship with the “Yamada-san’s combustion incident” that took place in 1995 is unknown.

“Crush Screen” (Browser Crasher)
Agonist. Real name unknown. A boy in his late-teen years. Feeds ultrafine optical fibers that burn a heinous image that occupies 30 percent of the field of view. Committed crimes for delight such as robbery of convenience of stores (that amounted approx. to 2 million yen) crushing eight eyes in the process . Killed in November by Hinomori Syuusei. See “VIDEO DRUG” below.

Ishizue Masamichi
Arika and Kanata father. Died the February 14 of 2003 in formal hunt. The estimated time of decease is between 00:00 to 00:30.

Male. Arika’s neighbor. Often wears Hawaiian shirts. Uses “Flowery” as alias for mail. Gay.

Probably Makina.
An approximately twenty years old woman. She’s also Hinomori’s acquaintance whose function is to provide him with information regarding demon possessed. Wears a hunter cap, thick-rimmed glasses and a big beige high collared trenchcoat loose to her body commonly used by cinematic detectives. When they first met they tried to kill each other, however Hinomori won and decided not to kill her, and since then their relationship began.
According to Hinomori she lacks charm as a woman. Maki-chan is currently living having secured three departments; one at Nouzu Residential Area, other really cheap at the Industrial Area of Shikura and a last department conveniently located for spying near the Police Station of Shikura. As of now, it seems she has “transformed” in three different persons already to conduct her investagations.

Hisaori Kayo
Shinya and Makina’s mother.

Hisaori Koji
Shinya and Makina’s father.

Imai Atsushi
29 years old. From Shikura’s Criminal Investigation Department. Sees Tomato-san as a hero..or monster. For his bad luck Tomato-san is his boss. One of Tomato’s servants.

Tougo Kisara
Former Kareno Criminal Police Inspector. 35 years old female. Was one of the persons inside the truck in the blundered Hinomori Syuusei transference to Origa. In October 2004, she began having unexcused absences. Afterwards caused inconvenients for the Police Department and as a result she was advised to sign her resignation request in late October. Her daughter was killed by Hinomori Syuusei two years before this (2002, month unknown), leading her to keep on living so that she could revenge and finish him for once. Kidnapped Nouzu demon children as hostages to lure Hinomori into the Amusement Park. Considers that patients with intensified physical abnormalities are not patients but born criminals. Became one of them due to a blood infection. Killed by Hinomori. At least she tried.

Iguruma Kazumi’s mother
A woman with education profile that married young and divorced later. Due to the lack of a regular job lead a meager life. Earned a few bills picking up cans and bottles for recycling. Despite all the hardships she had to endure she continued to raise Kazumi with all of her might, in other words, a great mother. She was quite excited of Kazumi’s talent as a pitcher and delighted when he joined the Little Leagues with Kirisu and Catcher. She thought he would bring success to the family and wholeheartedly supported Kazumi. Involved herself with yakuza and illegal loans. Committed suicide when she heard that Kazumi was playing with his broken arm after being informed by Sekura Yumiya and others in December of 2003.

Real name unknown. A kid with a similar life in terms of family and richness with Kirisu and Kazumi. This is the reason they got along so well to begin with after all. Used to play with Kirisu and Kazumi in a grasslot since elementary school. Back then when they were children the trio met a man who claimed to be the devil. This mysterious man approached them as they were playing baseball in a grasslot and told them that he had the power to grant their wishes. These guys, innocently played along, except Kirisu again as he thought this man had a loose screw. Catcher wished for “I want to hit pure homeruns!” and the man granted it though he did put a condition:
“If you beat off, you will die” Then abandoned the place. Kirisu was relieved as he thought this mister was only playing with them. Morning after in his practice with Kazumi and Kirisu, Catcher couldn’t connect a single homerun, just as usual. Nothing weird happened until the night came. Seems like Kirisu and Kazumi received a phone call announcing them of tragic news —Catcher was “murdered”—. Some of the hypotheses presented were the following:

  • Murdered by an assaulter (most accepted one probably)
  • Domestioc Violence (Catcher’s family wasn’t exactly in good terms)

Kazumi was terrified of this as he also wished for something but I will stop here because this is a super spoiler.
Police Inspector who participated in the investigation of bizarre murder cases in Shikura Hill. /em>

A third year high school girl spectator of SVS. Sees SVS more with a gambling purpose and is not really insterested in the game itself.

Nishino Harusumi
A man in his late thirties. Shaved-head with little eyes like those of a bird and a black suit. Part of the Shouda household, a gang with base of operations in Prefecture C. Worked for twenty years as a member of the Nanase group to finally earn his status of Wakashu. Representative of the Nanase group that manages Shikura and responsible of Yasakadai’s brothel. Usually has two or three men with him. His motto always being to implement moral, whic means employing violence when it is necessary and in small doses. A sort of “big brother” to Kirisu. Calls Kirisu “Yaichi”. Despises Kirisu for seizing succees so quickly and being appreciated by the boss,  that’s why Nishino planned as a countermeasure to take Kirisu under his tutelage.

Arishima Shougo
A 19 years old freelancer with a height of 183cms and a weight of 95kg. A strong body not completely devoid of obesity that should be more suitable describe it as “big” instead of “tall”. However, this body complexion is commonly seen on athletes. SVS batter. A player confident of his skills that carried a mobile phone number called “Golden 3”. Got his skull splintered by a ball thrown by Kazumi in a SVS game on August 6 of 2004.

An informal SVS player. Formed part of Koala Hill High School baseball team. Killed by Kazumi.

Shouda household
A wide-area gang with headquarters at Prefecture C. Nanase-gumi is affiliated with them.

Nanase Group
Wide-area yakuza group. The bosses of Shikura Hill at Prefecture C. Underlings approximately 400. In the beginning of the group the main tendency of profit was violence. This regime changed in mid 90’s making a transition to a “modern yakuza system”.  Although drugs isn’t their main via of profit, they do have some presence and so to enforce their authority over Shikura resoluted to crush Hisaori Shinya’s drug “cartel”. Guys around 15 years old are often in charge of trafficking drugs and it’s among the same generation that Kirisu has the most potential. To the point that offers such as marriage, “be my son in law” and “work for me” were presented to Kirisu for his wits.

Nanase Group boss
Boss of the seventh generation of the Shouda household. Likes Kirisu’s violence.

Sekura Yumiya
Third year student captain pitcher that belonged to Koala-ke Hill baseball team.  Three years younger than Arika. Blessed with a talent for baseball. Felt intimidated by Kazumi’s talent when he showed up. A mentally childish person from a wealthy family.

After parcitipating on 2004 in SVS his charismatic presence became popular among the audience. He truly enjoyed SVS as a game unlike his friends who thought it was just a game of chance. Had an unbeaten spree of six months and then he was given a silver cellphone (Silver 1) on August 2004. One of the main promotors of SVS.
Main responsible of breaking Kazumi’s arm (to be more precise, elbow and fingers) and Kazumi’s mom comitting suicide. Time after Sinker began his killing spree he met a strange man who self proclaimed the “devil”. After that event a third of his left arm (elbow?) joints elongated. Normally, human muscles can relax and contract and sometimes elongate as long as an external force acts upon, however Sekura’s hand was capable of performing impossible tasks, if we were to compare him with a caterpillar it’d just be like that. Once his new ability arised he threw balls that nobody could ever touch, let alone see. The man who granted him the power  of “being struck dead”  told him that:  if his ball was struck by any chance the arm itself would “devour” him, conversely, his balls would also kill the batter had this beat off. Becoming mentaly distressed, he ran away from home for both his “new part” and current situation.
However, as the time passed his grandfather requested to Touma Mato to help bringing him back (as people thought he was the random killer [Sinker] roaming Shikura Hill) with his parents and thus avoiding this matter of becoming public.  Sekura Yumiya’s condition was already in the borderline of a mental breakdown. Part of the request was to put Sekura in custody, and if possible cure/treat the infected member of his body with an exicsion.  Then, Arika in charge of performing the exicsion went to the Discrimination Office  as commanded by Touma Mato (where Kirisu protected him for almost a while) and unexpectedly met with Yumiya who attempted to kill Arika who suffered of a blackout. Nevertheless, while Arika lost consciousness for a brief moment Hatred shot itself straight towards Sekura who began being eaten alive. Before being swallowed up entirely, Arika stabbed Hatred to stop him. Once Arika awoke he discovered there was nothing but the demonic prosthetic arm on the floor—Sekura was already with the cops—and realized the police had already arrived. In the end, his arm rendered useless and became a cripple of the affected area and almost a vegetable. He was never sent to Origa as he was no longer demon possesed. Shit happens.

Kirisu’s grandfather
A former baseball player in the pre-war days. Implanted the baseball seed in Kirisu at the early age of six years old. A kind of teacher to Kirisu. He really loved Kirisu and even considered adopting him.

Vomiting batter
Kirisu. An habit he gained during his high-school years. Whenever he hit homeruns he would vomit, sometimes three per game or until losing conciousness. The teachers grew worried of Kirisu’s condition but the coach pratically told them: “If he doesn’t want to be treated, let him be”. The reason behind this habit is Kirisu beating with a bat a man called “Aoyagi Masashi”. When hitting the ball the image of his skull cracked open would flash in his mind and provoke him nausea.

Man who self-proclaims to be the devil

A man shrouded in  mystery. This man claims to possess the ability to grant the wishes of people in exchange of other valuable things. Robbed the merry of baseball to Kazumi and Catcher. From the descriptions of S.vs.S we also know that:

  • He has a manly, yet soft voice.
  • He is a middle-aged man
  • He wears a hat
  • He has name that “is so common”

Further details are unknown. Maybe in DDD3!

Aoyagi Masashi


Origa Memorial Hospital Demon possesed

Note: Most of these come from the second Volume appendix, they are Kanata’s notes.

H (Heartless)
Real name and gender unknown. Prior to Origa Memorial Hospital establishment was confirmed as one of the few “D” level patients. His new organ was called “Heart”. Doesn’t retain the human archetype anymore, one of the three individuals that have been confirmed among the “NO” class.

Hirumiya Ruzeru (Helmia Russel?)
Ward D patient. Cognitive Disability Sharer “Double Bind“. A 160cm tall girl. Since childhood began to suffer mild visual disorders together with cognition impediments. Everyone around including her parents thought of Ruzeru as a “shy” girl with poor social skills and could not understand her. Unable to see things in a normal scale. Her world always looked so huge, sometimes greatly distorted. After eight years of living through with her disorders she finally became a demon possessed. Lived at Origa for 4 years. Despises Kanata. Capable of penetrating the consciousness of people within a radius of 30 meters using electromagnetical pulses causing a change of perception in its victims (mass alteration). Fought against Ishizue Kanata as the last survivor from Ward D. Eventually lost against her, resulting in death.

Yoruguchi Shishiya
Ward D patient. “Ice Flower” (Freesia). Capable of making time stand still. Lost against Kanata. Afraid of people (lovers) around him growing older, not just the people around but himself as well. So much so that he completely freezes the time of his surroundings.

Nirabishi Yutaka
Ward C patient. “Grocery Store assaulter (Marble Fumble Market)”.  A  supposed former charming salesperson. Fond of attacking other people weaknesses and traumas with psychological play. Kanata defeated him, dead.

Yuzuriha Namida
Ward C patient. “Sunny Day.raincoat”. Female. Seems to possess weak cursing abilities. Always wears raincoats, even in sunny days. Defeated by Kanata, dead.

Makotoko Mio
Ward C patient. “Voice Eraser Tune (track/3)”. Beaten by Kanata. Kanata commented: “Please be careful of the loud singing Polyp.”*

Umikaze Tachino
Ward B patient. “Yamadaβ (Yamada Beta)”. His name pronunciation is a mystery, this one isn’t “official”.  Speculated to be the first opponent defeated by Kanata, dead.

Miyahara Mumei
Ward B patient. “Eccentricities projection (Tribute Anthology)” Encountered Kanata, – “A downgraded version of Hisaori Makina” – disposed of in three minutes, dead.

Hinomori Ouka
Ward A Patient. Encountered Kanata but only lasted three seconds, dead. No new organs found. Yielded a huge japanese sword. Kanata said something like: “Oh, perhaps one of the toughest in Origa, is, in the end, this individual?”. Whether a relationship with Hinomori Syuusei exists is unknown.

Ookumaneko Mokumoku
Ward D patient. “Galaxy’s strongest NEET”. 30 years old fatso virgin with a weight of approximately 150kgs, his corporal condition is enough to be called a Snowman. Origa veteran. A kind of legend/rumour existed about a 18 years old patient admitted into Origa and since then never stepped outside, this was him.
Although beaten by Kanata, she praised him as an ultra-powerful enemy! Super invincible! Ruzeru described him as: “A man who locked himself into his personal space, which could be called another spacial dimension.”
Held a phone convo with Yashikido Kyouma once in a mocking gamble-like manner of “who will die first?”. Willingly secluded himself from the world leading to develop the Agonist Disorder and later culminated in the creation of a universe using some of the information gathered by his father (he was a geologist). 
In this universe, phenomemna can’t affect him. Doesn’t consider himself a God despite creating a universe. Flies through the galaxy on a tatami mat called “No. Fair Lady”.  Had an emotional mother. Had an ideology that life wasn’t important as this only carries  more problems despite this being the mere premise of life itself. By the time Kanata managed to scape out of his universe she found his already a decade old corpse in the room. Contrary to popular belief, he’s not an aggresive person.

Kuramitsu Meruka
Ward D patient. “Inescapable Brain Pitfall (Klein Cube Cleanness)”. Male. Advocate of defeat. Encountered Kanata, defeated. Kanata said something like: “At the end, he refuged inside me, although I could not strike him there was nowhere to scape.” Potentially capable of invading the consciousness of others, even the bodies of those that are demon possessed. Also encountered Tomato-san and her Desert Eagles.

Yujumochi Arou
Ward D patient. “Amentia.Nightmare”. Fused the whole Ward C along with the central six-story building. Ruzeru described him as: “the man that due to his own ambiguous consciousness has turned the surroundinng environment into a biological chaos”. Defeated by Kanata (selfdestructed).

Yashikido Kyouma
Ward D patient. “Visceras hyperplasia”. In quantity-wise the strongest demon possessed. Ruzeru described him as: “That unsightly brimming pool of organs.”. Origa veteran. Lost against Kanata, dead.

Kotou Hamuru
Ward D patient. “Sea turtle style”. Seems to possess poisonous abilities. Born with a body unable to absorb solids substances. For him to eat, he’s obliged to liquefy everything. Ruzeru described him as: “The boy who corrodes and turns into a pool of juice in the twinkling of an eye.” Dead.

Arishino Ritsuka
Ward B Patient. “Heart dweller of the moon yueqin”*. Demon possessed who has commmited the most murders. Killed ten thousand people in the northern district. Kanata calls her “Air Yueqin“. According to Kanata, Arishino has a secret solo plucking ability that left an impression on her. Defeated by Kanata, dead.

Origa Marine
“Fuck-slut dreamy siesta”*. Jesus Christ. The only “E” level agonist confirmed so far. Lies already dead inside his/her room. Hasn’t fought Kanata yet.



Visual Crusher (VIDEO DRUG)

Consists of 0.1mm optical fibers ejected as a nerve into the eyes of the target. With a control range of within 50 cm occupies a 30% percent of the field of view. Invades both fields of vision turns them turbid, prints malicious fabricated images into the memory altering and leaving the bearer visually impaired.
Those who become victims cannot withstand the abnormal images. Video Drug fosters a self-destructive behaviour towards their eyes usually inciting to crushing them. Even if the individuals were blind, the image will remain in the consciousness. Victims tend to develop psychasthenia (obssessive-compulsive disorder), become crippled and even commit suicide.
Before the mind is destroyed it ceases to function, and yet the image will not disappear from the view of “VIDEO DRUG”.

Mr. Flesh Lump
Nickname Tsuranui gave to the dog eater, Fusou Yukio. So cute.


A special and popular baseball game in Shikura commonly played by baseball die-hards, freelancers or just people with nothing better to do.  Devised by Kirisu himself. The cops don’t really mind it unless something big outbreaks. The usage of betting coupon/tickets like horse races is often seen. Tsuranui once spent her monthly pocket money betting on Arika..and she lost it. Regular games are often monthly. This depends of the players anyway.

1:1, a mutual battle between the pitcher and batter playing one inning. The goal is to seize the enemy’s phone. If the batter connects one hit, he wins; conversely, if the pitcher manages three strikes, he wins. Official players carry an exclusive mobile phone. Batter’s is golden whereas the Pitcher owns a silver mobile phone. The loser will pass their phone to the winner once the game is over. The player possessing most phones under his control will be declared winner and awarded the title of MVP.

In general, rules can be modified depending on the situation or just to make the game more exciting. The distance of the batterbox’s mound can also be increased as long as there is an agreement. No umpire is needed (can be called though) nor there are time-outs. The umpire function can be replaced by the audience itself since is mostly the judgement of the strike zone, similar situation with the catcher.

Now, for deadballs: if hit by pitch happens the pitcher loses, if the batter ducks can be counted as someone likes, all according to the players. If the hit ball is out of the field it’s obviously a foul, special rules may be applied as well.  Usually fouls will count  (when you swung) as strike unless the batsman already has two strikes. Foul tip is the same as in normal baseball.  And, at last, if the batter connects and the pitcher catches the ball it’s an out. Prior to the start of the game the players shall remain in their positions else it’ll be considered a rebuttal.

SVS is divided into unofficial/informal and official/formal games:

Informal/Unofficial: Bets allowed. Rules are bound to modifications, etc. Pretty much the same as above.

Formal/Official: Bets allowed plus a bonus award. The management of the games are determined by the organizers (players) who contact the nine pitchers and nine batters via cellphone. The selection of the players is based on the results from a previous game or in the popularity and performance of informal players. Depending of the organizers audacity and talent, the publicity of the game can make it a big hit and turn into a very eye-catching event. As for the exact date and location is set by the players themselves. Players through their contacts can beckon a crowd and if wished, an umpire. Once everything is set the chosen eighteen players will receive a special phone from the organizers to communicate and come to an agreement. In a nutshell: The game is arranged by the players themselves calling one other.

Once SVS commences it becomes a Royal baseball Rumble.  As the game progresses the losers are deprived of their phone by the winners until a last man is standing. It’s then when SVS comes to its conclusion. The phones collected by then will become the bonuses. Even though you may come out with a profit most players yearn for the MVP title.

The official SVS game is a battle of wits divided into halves. The first half is an intelligence war whilst the second half is decided during the game itself. Some players tend to go as overlookers in games to gather information. Some may not even answer and choose not to attend a game.

Hatred “Hatred-chan” (pseudonym)
A blind black dog as thin as seaweed. Acts in response to hatred. It’s Karyou’s left arm. If given the right circumstances it can leave people as cripple. Its attack is sometimes seen as an explosion that covers the body of the possessed or shooting itself like a bullet. Hatred destroys/dissolves the nonexistent parts so it normally won’t kill a person, nevertheless if the person’s body is smothered by “nothingness” his position will be the same as “nothing” and thus technically dead. It does not eat flesh literally. Its velocity and strength are actually quite impressive. It has displayed enough power to blow away 200 kilograms with a speed of 50 km/h. Before long the people Arika was sent to excorcise are swallowed up completely he stabs Hatred with a knife and sometimes a black lava-like liquid can be seen. Hatred doesn’t really care for Arika, he just enjoys his meals.

Benelli Super 60
One of Tomato-san shotguns. Bitch loves guns. Used in the Kanata arrest in formalhunt.

H-K MP5K (Heckler & Koch MP5)
A 9mm submachine gun usually used against terrorists. Used by Tomato-san in FOMALHAUT.

Beretta M92
A semiautomatic pistol. Also used against Kanata and Tomori and Hinomori. One of Tomato-san favorites. She uses two of these in each hand.

Tsukiri-chan – ツキリちゃん
Hinomori’s attempt at pronouncing Tomori’s surname. “月月里” can be read as “Tsukiri”, but in reality, the proper pronounciation is “Yamanashi”.

Her surname should be equivalent to “little birds playing around” [小鳥遊] -たかなし- having the same reading as [鷹なし] -たかなし too- (god knows why).

Since [鷹なし] Takanashi and [] Taka are homonyms (yeah,Takanashi meaning something like “No eagles/ eagles free, etc” and Taka meaning Eagle, ya get it?). Smalls birds are capable of sightseeing the mountains since there are no eagles around. Thus, being able to see the plains of the moon it’s: “Yamanashi” [山なし] or “Free Mountains”. DEEP.

Tomato-chan Assault Mode
Activated once Touma Mato goes “It’s time to resolve this matter as quickly as possible” (which nobody ever wants to see/hear).

Desert Eagle
Semiautomatic pistol used by Tomato-san in vt.in day dream with .44 caliber bullets.

FH 5. 2. 13
A video recorded by Kanata in her 17th birthday that was sent to Arika. Two minutes long. Quite a sight for sore eyes. F stands for “Flame” and H for “Hatchet”. Making reference of Kanata’s name. 火 = Fire, flame 鉈= Hatchet. Arika’s reaction to this video was of surprise, “So yeah…that girl, has she grown up?” “Oh? yes, she’s become quite an adult” added Touma Mato.

Rocket Launcher
Also known as “Trump Card II”, used against Kanata by Tomato-san in vt.in day dream.

Tomato drives this car. Hers is bright red.

Mercedes AMG SL55
Another one of Tomato’s cars.

Kanata self-proclaimed like this.


Motherfucking Beecats. This is a depiction of Shunji Enomoto and his short manga based on Outside the Universe (written by Nasu). Kanata fought these during 3.5. They seem to enjoy shooting dead anyone invading their territory. They’ve also constructed a huge building, big enough to be a Space Center Rocket Launcher. In this, a massive production of cat cannery is worked. How is it made it’s a mystery.

Kaie’s right arm prosthetic. White. It was lent to Hisaori Makina, seemingly returned by J The E. Works likewise Hatred, emotion must be felt to use it. Its shape is unknown. Even though Makina told Karyou that “I might not return it.” Kaie confidently stated that”It is alright. Even if you don’t return it it’ll come back to me when you die.”

Kaie’s right leg. Its shape is that of a shark-like fish swimming around the Forest Water Tank. Perhaps a bit overprotective of Kaie? Makina thought she was being dissolved with acid when she attempted to stab Kaie.

Urban Art Collective
Tomori’s conduct comparison of her roadside jogging and acrobatic adventures. What a thrill.

Hinomori hated being called a vampire, inmortal vampire or just being branded as a demon possesed. Hence he seeked a new nickname. He went to assault visit Arika’s department to ask for his enlightment help. A few tries later, Arika came up with “Fomalhaut”, which Hinomori loved. Its origin (the one Arika followed I guess) was that of the Cthulhu Mythos. Fomalhaut is the brightest star of Piscis Austrinus, a white-blue main sequence star near where the Great Old One Cthugha is imprisoned. Touma Mato later mentioned its arabic meaning: “Mouth of the Fish”.

Silver A  (Ace)
Kazumi’s mobile phone. Originally Sekura’s.

Golden 3
Arishima’s mobile phone.

Golden 4
A batter phone Kirisu gave to Arika after he played SVS for the first time on August 10 of 2004. Once you play you’re registered as one of them!

Silver 1
Sekura’s phone.

Photoflash bomb/flare
Stunt grenade, sound grenade, flash grenade. It does not explode but rather emits a bright flash accompanied with a loud sound capable of making the target lose consciousness for a few seconds and facilitate the arrest. Since this grenade causes no harm it’s used by the police and military forces. IIRC, Tomato tries to use this on Hinomori, no good.

Multi-Video System. A popular arcade system board developed by SNK. Good times.

Ishizue Stray Men Dog
The name Arika picked for his team during a tabletop baseball game against Kaie.

Karyou’s Divas.
The name Kaie picked for his team during a tabletop baseball game against Arika.

Woman who regained conciousness
An extremely rare case that no one remembers, like Nasu and DDD3. A woman suffering of AD that after being liberated from her demons regained conciousness, however as she could recall the sins she committed she couldn’t bear it any longer and opted for shutting her “mind”.
Outside the Universe (alternative readings I think and other stuff)

Cat Box
Room No. 404.



Needle Hill
The outcome of Beee stings-like needles shot from one thousand meters above. A sort of machine gun with a muzzle velocity of over 1Km/h. Kanata managed to evade them reaching a speed of 1,500 Km/h. These needles possess a toxic, had Kanata been touched by them the toxines would’ve provoked her an anaphylactic shock, leading to physical death.

Infected patients


Patient outbreak.

Unknown Origin

I (Kanata).

Video. Taped by surveillance cameras.

D level patient

Frantic Visceras Proliferation
Got that right, it’s Kyouma. The other reading seems to be “own”.

Lovers. The context is a description of Freesia, read above.


The girls*
Kanata and Ruzeru. Two of the three Ward D patients that display human actions/behaviour.

Kuramitsu Meruka. Same as above.


Aim for.

Building C

No. Fair Lady
The tatami mat Ookumaneko rides on through his universe. It’s controlled by leaning to the sides, to accelerate shout “Warp!”. When Kanada made up her mind she split the mat on halves and grabbed one for herself.

Infrared vision


Honey Way
A river of fixed stars Mokumoku baptized that apparently is not part of the Milky Way.

Galaxy Reefs
Asteroid belt.


Princess Order
Mokumoku’s mock of Kanata as she tells him to die as he’s got no reason to live for.

Eromanga Island
A star cluster somewhere in Mokumoku’s universe.

Sanrio Co.
Apparently, Kanata dislikes its (mainly Hello Kitty I guess) products and whatnot. She said this while she was being chased by beecats so I think I hit the bull’s eye.

Details like name and appearance are unknown. Likes Kanata.
*Lines subject to changes, revision pending.

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