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-Goods loss.
-Mokumoku is born.

-Touma Mato is born.

-Sleeping in the cellar of the forest.

-Hisaori Makina is born.
-Ishizue Arika is born.

-Hisaori Shinya is born.
-Yaichirou Kirisu is born.

-Karyou Mansion incident. Karyou mansion is demolished.
-Iguruma Kazumi is born.

-Sekura Yumiya is born.

-Ishizue Kanata is born.
-Kirisu receives his first bat.

-Arika is 8 years old, Kanata is 4 years old.

-Ookumaneko Mokumoku enters Origa Memorial Hospital (18 years old).
-Kirisu starts playing baseball.

-** appears.
-Nouzu residential area delusion.
-Yamada-san’s spontaneous combustion incident.
-Hinomori Shuusei is diagnosticated with A-Disorder. Entered Kinui General Hospital for three years.
-Hisaori Makina is a fifth grader.
-Makina sees a ghost prior to getting the A-Disorder.

-Origa allowed the transference of Hinomori Syuusei. However, this ended up in failure and eventually lost track of him.

-Hinomori is suspect of the Kareno Valley Collective Suicide Attempt.

-Tsuranui and Arika visit an apparently sick Fusou Yukio.

-Hisaori Koji and Hisaori Kayo are murdered.
-Hisaori Makina admitted into Origa Memorial Hospital
-Shinya admitted into a psychiatric hospital for a period.

-Hinomori kills Kisara’s daughter, still a child by that time.

-Yamanashi Tomori begins to transform into an Agonist, begins to hunt.

-In his 3rd year, Kirisu quits baseball. Already suffering of homerun vomitting.

-Hinomori arrested by Kareno Police Department and prepared to enter Origa. However, when he was being scorted to the hospital Hinomori inflicted injuries to the driver and other assistants,  among the passengers was Tougo Kisara. At the end, he fled again. Since then the police lost track of him and six months later his case was closed and he was deemed “possibly dead”. Nevertheless Kisara managed to keep the case active though with little success.

-Yamanashi Tomori dissapears.
-Hinomori search for continuous cases of murder, unsolved.
-Kanata causes havoc in Shikura Hill, second street, eats Arika’s left arm.
-Ishizue Masamichi dies.
-Ishizue siblings enter Origa Memorial Hospital.

Early Summer
-Ishizue Arika’s medical examination is completed. Although considered negative, discharge is not allowed.
-Hisaori Makina meets the Ishizue siblings.

-Christmas at Origa Memorial Hospital.
-Daydream (Malion in day dream)

Beginning of the year
-Hisaori Makina is discharged.
-Hisaori Shinya is pressumed to have rehabilitated. (19 years old)

-“Arika” meets Karyou Kaie.
-Yamada dismisses as Kaie’s caretaker, Makina takes his place.
-Ishizue Arika is discharged, starts a new life (HandS (L).
-Arika moves to a warehouse facilities in the city, fourth floor, No. 13.
-Arika finds new principles to live.
-Hisaori Shinya is presumed murdered. Shinya comits suicide.
-Sinker begins his killing spree. Kills Shinohara and others.
-Fourth Sinker slaughter is reported.
-First demon exorcism (Sekura Yumiya)

-Arika’s first day as facilitator of Karyou Kaie. Sleeps in for the first time. Karyou is displeased. Perhaps Arika catches a glimpse of “Sorrow”, shark-like creature swimming above them in the Water Tank.

-Arika meets Kirisu again, both have a nice chat.

-Arishima Shougo is killed by Kazumi.

-Kirisu invites Arika to play SVS.

-Arika spots a man entering the Water Tank who mysteriously disapeared, Kaie says he was possessed and he just “freed him”.
-Arika plays SVS for the first time, loses.
-Tsuranui loses her monthly pocket money betting on Arika
-Arika receives “Golden 4” and a bat bag from Kirisu. Arika is now officially a SVS player.

-Kizaki family suicide.
-Second demon excorcism (Kizaki)

-Tougo Kisara begins to neglect her job as Police Inspector.
-Kirisu travels to Nagano for the demon possession case of a daugther from a rich family and watches over her.

-Third demon excorcism (Fusou Yukio).

-Browser Crasher is killed by Hinomori.

-Tougo Kisara kidnaps children at the amusement park. Later killed by Hinomori.
-Touma Mato tries to arrest Hinomori, fails.

New Year’s Eve
-Yamanashi Tomori is arrested.

-Residential Area Delusion (H-RED B).
-Beauty sleeping at the forest.
-Some anecdote.

-Outside the Universe. -Kanata enters Mokumoku’s room. Mokumoku looks around 30 years old.

Around 10 p.m Ward C inmates start a riot, later spread towards Ward B.
-Kanata records FH 5.2.13. 17 years old.

-Around 00:00 inmates who retreated occupied Ward A.
-Original Origa riot is controlled and patients return to their respective chambers. Kanata is released, wipes out Origa. Touma Mato is contacted around 3 AM while dragging Arika along.
-Arika wakes up from his premonitory dream, receives a call from Tomato informing him that Origa is in chaos.
-Origa Hospital Strongest Battle takes place, whose winner is Kanata.

*Bold text isn’t explicit in the text. That’s just me doing the math.

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