Update on Tsukihime Remake at the TYPE-MOON Exhibition

Let’s paraphrase a bit.


“In addition to this, in the staff comment section of the programmer kiyobee, I think there was what appeared to be part of the script for a dialogue scene of Arcueid Brunestud, and in the left, I could confirm some screenshots of TsukihimeR.”

Take “part of the script” with a grain of salt. Not really sure if that was also a screenshot/trailer, but it’d make sense as we already have a mention of Arcueid’s alley scene. Maybe it’s the same.



“[…]a color illustration of DDD’s main character Ishizue Arika and Karyou Kaie was drawn, I let out a ‘Kita!’ from the bottom of my heart.”
Nice to see DDD’s still acknowledged.


I think it’s safe to confirm that there is indeed, new remake material.

some old TM stuff 1/?

A gallery showcasing a few illustrations from TM artbooks/media I had stored on an old USB. They’re not necessarily in order. There’s also one from an April Fools that shouldn’t be hard to pinpoint. I had this habit of hoarding TM data, so there are more USBs and CDs brimming with music, doujins, etc. I have yet to find the time to sort through everything after all these years. Eventually, I will upload some stuff.