Fire Girl and Fate/Apocrypha releases

So yeah, that novel written by Hoshizora Meteo and illustrated by BUNBUN and Fate/Apocrypha that were announced during the Fes. Point to a release in this Comiket 83. From December 29 to 31. Fire Girl seems to be a two part release (first/upper and last/lower volumes) whereas Apocrypha a multiple volume series (what a surprise).


Removing the two volume part until I can confirm.TM’s twitter just calls both Fire Girl and Fate/Apocrypha as two works to be published as “TYPE-MOON BOOKS”. Sorry for the misinfo Looks like toranoana is the source.

Oh yeah, I think I finally finished checking the goddamn first appendix of DDD. So updated.

Jack and her Master

So ACT1 is called “Unbirth”- Second picture: Jack and her master.