Anniversary book to be sold at TM Exhibition Event


“Type-Moon Exhibition Fate/stay night 15 years of history illustrated.” With a total of 234 pages and a price of 3960 yen it’ll be sold only to those attending the event. Release date is late march this year. The contents are as follows:

  1. Photos from the event.
  2. A special booklet containing “15 questions and answers from  Kinoko Nasu and Takeuchi Takashi.
  3. 1st reprint of Fate/unpublished material.
  4. A talk between Kinoko Nasu and Seiji Kamiya (Vanillaware president).
  5. Interview with Takeuchi Takashi.
  6. Other works related to Fate/stay night and Type-Moon history.
  7. Introduction of the main characters for F/sn and hollow.
  8. Fate/15th camp!” A manga collaboration with storyboard by Eiichirou Mashin and other 14 artists (Azuma Tou, Akira Ishida, Usagi Routo,  Keikenchi, Sasaski Shounen, Shinjirou, TAa, Tadenaka Hideo, Takenoko Seijin, Task Ouna, Nishide Kengoro, Hanabana Tsubomi, Hiroyama Hiroshi, Robi~na  ).
  9. A collection of illustrations by TAa titled “Walks Around BRITAIN”.
  10. A comic drawn by Nakatani called “Curtain Call”.
  11. Beautiful illustrations of 24 guest artists.
  12. A contribution message from Mafia Kajita, Akinari Sakagami, Nobu, Morise Ryou and others.



A special music box sold at the Fate 15th anniversary event. Kind of cool.

Today’s Menu for the Emiya household gets a game, literally

To be released in Spring 2020.


has Type-Moon gone too far?