Law of Contradiction: Ciel3

The next day was followed by more investigation and monotony. Nonetheless, she has been unable to get any leads on the dead. Dead weren’t being used. There was nothing but the atmosphere of the city with a Dead Apostle lurking within.

Ciel was walking through the nocturne town as she was keeping track of the bounded fields set up by the female Enforcer.

Moreover, the stench of the Dead Apostle yesterday wasn’t as strong as today. In all likelihood, this was spread as a way to ascertain the true abilities of the Enforcer. An opening of sorts.

The Dead Apostle must have not noticed Ciel yet. If he had, there’s no doubt he would have come eagerly to kill her.

He would have a valid reason to do so, a right at top of that. Under that premise, there must be a motive…


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Law of Contradiction: Ciel1

A few days before.

Upon seeing the sunlight coming from the window, she closed the book.


She was reading a not very entertaining novel while dozing off, and when she realized, the morning had already greeted her.

Did I fall asleep? Asked herself the woman on the sofa.

She had been killing time during the boring night, she had been gazing at a novel that nosey boy had brought with himself.

He was very open-hearted and a fervent enthusiast of vampires.

Still, there was no problem because there was plenty of time to kill.

The woman stood up and opened the curtains.


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Law of Contradiction: Bazett4

I think it’s time to proofread up previous entries after this. That’s gonna take a while though.

As soon as Bazett returned to the hotel, she had already completed her preparations for the encounter.

Her whole body tensed and her senses sharpened. Footsteps could be heard.

Although it wasn’t clear as to how many people were making those sounds, they all gave off a strong bloodlust. Putting on her gloves, she carved a rune.

Footsteps, extremely small yet well coordinated, as though they belonged to those of an army. Then, they stopped altogether in front of her room.

Bazett felt a strange sense of uneasiness. Although the footsteps and breath were craftily hidden, the bloodlust was strong enough to leak. This indicated that this was the work of a novice.

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Law Of Contradiction: Bazett 3 – Chance Meeting

some strange choice of words in the original script for this scene, will change it later, probably

Next day, she woke up after the sun went down.

She couldn’t feel any traces of the Dead Apostle during daytime, so  she limited her actions to night time.

Stretching her fingers lightly, she carved a rune. After feeling the fluffiness the bed  against her body, Bazett let out a deep sigh. Tonight, if possible, she wants to break into the Dead Apostle lair.

Leaving the key, she left the hotel.

And at that moment, the whole scene was engulfed by her sight.

Sticky, as if it were the eyes of a snake.


It was a gaze like that of a surveillance camera with a will.


Bazett continued walking calmly.

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