What I know about Starlit Marmalade Vol.2


I think the story revolves around two new students in search of the Holy Scripture Triten. I couldn’t find much, but I did translate the japanese wiki pages of the new characters. I’ll try to give it a listen and see how much I can understand, it’s nearly two hours long. That’s gonna take a while though.

Apparently, the Triten we know had a piece stolen.

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Starlit Marmalade manga: last chapter



And done.Just in case someone didn’t know, this manga was an adaptation based on the first volume of the DramaCD with the same name. Currently, Starlit Marmalade is composed of two volumes with two discs each. The story was written by OKSG, one of the oldest TM members. If someone wants to spoil me Vol.2 go ahead. Spoilers below.

If you want to read my thoughts and consideration about this adaptation click Read More. Beware of the spoilers though.

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