Mahoyo Original Soundtrack Repetition


その旋律が、再び 世界を変革する

Let’s change the world with those melodies again.

or something like that

How does this differ from the already released soundtrack?

Well, this is a 2 Discs product composed of not only Mahoyo music, but also Tsukihime and Fate.


Disc 1- Mahoyo themes arrangements

都会の鼓動(おと)  The throbbing city
冬の日    Winter day
stranger in lost world
witch on the mirror wood
Scar Red
朔夜に穿つ Piercing in the New Moon
雪の日 Snow Day
Blueray starbow

Disc 2- Tsukihime and Fate

月下美人 The Queen of the Night
Heaven’sfeel anthology
静かの海へ By the tranquility of the Sea.
10th symphony type/MOON

The release date is set to be December 29 of current year, during the Comiket 85.