Mahoutsukai no Yoru French to English Translation Project

It’s Alice’s birthday today, so I would like to announce a project me and a lot of other people have been working on.

We have been working on a Mahoyo translation based on the French translation by Moon-Trad. It’s currently in the early stages of production, but we plan to have chapter 8 out incredibly soon, we’ll update this thread and post when that happens.

The translation will begin at chapter 8 and cover anything that hasn’t been translated into English yet. We might go back and do Chapter 1-7 when we’re done, but those aren’t a priority right now. We also plan to be consistent with Mcjons translation with terms and such

Screenshots of the current work done Please realize that these aren’t the same quality as we’ll be releasing, none of these have been edited yet.

Send your good vibes to them.

Thread at BL

Regarding Mahoyo’s original script and the VN sequels


So according to this page (click to view in original resolution), the books pictured are the original script of Mahoyo. Only three exist and they’re zealously secured inside Type-Moon’s headquarters. Although that’s cool as it is, what catched my attention were the contents of the novel:
4/蒼崎青子 そのに
x=can’t distinguish the kanji tbh.

I haven’t played all of Mahoyo, and I’m playing in english anyways, so the question I raise is: Aren’t most of these titles already used? If so, that means the original script has run out of content for the sequels. Either that, or the acts were butchered/split into many parts that’ll be integrated later, though I think that’s unlikely. This could explain why Nasu takes too long to continue its sequels. If Nasu has already stated/talked about this before then may you forgive my question.