4Gamer Interview with Mahou Tsukai no Yoru Staff

God bless Tsuki-kan.

Well this interview manages some information about Mahoyo and its sequels. Its characters, story, plans for the future and whatnot.

Regarding TYPE-MOON’s works, first is to release the delayed 「Fate/EXTRA CCC」. I’m so sorry about the delay! However, we worked hard to make it into a flavorful game where people would say after playing “niche game isn’t too bad,” please look forward to it.
Although I can’t give any details, the long awaited 「Tsukihime Remake」 is also being worked on in parallel.

Via Tsuki-kan


I did not expect an update…late again.

An announcement from cokesakto

“So, now to deal with Mahoyo. As I have previously said, I will be translating the game. Though work and other hobbies have slowed me down from even finishing it, rest assured, I will do it. Now, believe it or not, I’ve been listening to all of the criticisms I’ve found of my work, and I hear you guys. You want me to use already established fandom terms? Sure, I can work with that. The style will remain more or less the same however,  since I’m still of the opinion that natural-sounding dialogue and narration is the most important thing. Honorifics and such are in, due to style guide requirements (see next paragraph).”

“And yes, for those of you concerned, I will have an editor. As a matter of fact, I’ll be working with the guys at Amaterasu Translations to get this whole thing out the door. It’ll be my first time working with a team, but this entire thing has been a succession of firsts for me. Translating has been a learning process for me, and it’s the feedback that gets me to improve. With any luck, I’ll be doing this translation with a relatively relaxed but scheduled regimen, so we can all read it as soon as possible.”

Empty Boundaries – Murder is love


The Future is promising.