Does somebody else remember?


I just stumbled into this in some old folder. It’s from May 2012, I think. What’s so special about it? Nothing per se. It’s more about the context it was taken.

I remember watching a japanese channel via KeyholeTV? or some program like that. At some point, the leitmotiv of the Tsukihime theme began playing and a moon behind some clouds appeared, followed by some images and text that I think were related to the TYPE-MOON Fes (which makes sense, considering said event took place on July of same year); close-ups of Arc, Saber, Aoko and Shiki in that picture by the stairs that’s so iconic. It was so fast that I couldn’t take a screenshot of it. When I tried, I only managed to take pic related of these cards. IIRC, I think I was watching the F/Z anime.

It’s funny, because that was probably the closest the Tsukihime Remake got to be on TV, even if the purpose of the ad wasn’t that. Does somebody else remember this?

From the Fsn 15th anniversary book. They literally used a MUGEN screenshot. What’s going on with Type-Moon lately?

Funnily enough, I got into Type-Moon by playing with Melty Blood chars in MUGEN. It’s like I traveled back to 2008. I ended up quitting sometime around Elecbyte’s return and the release of 1.0 though. This was my website back then, I don’t even have access anymore. If someone from that time remembers me, say hi.

Tsukihime Remake (fanmade)

“The remake isn’t coming out so I made it myself.

It’s a novel game of about 6 hours and one chapter.

It’ll focus on Depletion Garden. The game may be available for download from 4/2 in home of this account.”

Most Wanted VN Remakes according to BugBug Editorial



Pretty much they asked “What game with beautiful girls would you like to see remade?”

  1. Rance Series
  2. Tsukihime
  3. Classmates Series (don’t know this one tbh)

Which doesn’t mean anything other than expectation is still palpable.





Update on Tsukihime Remake at the TYPE-MOON Exhibition

Let’s paraphrase a bit.


“In addition to this, in the staff comment section of the programmer kiyobee, I think there was what appeared to be part of the script for a dialogue scene of Arcueid Brunestud, and in the left, I could confirm some screenshots of TsukihimeR.”

Take “part of the script” with a grain of salt. Not really sure if that was also a screenshot/trailer, but it’d make sense as we already have a mention of Arcueid’s alley scene. Maybe it’s the same.



“[…]a color illustration of DDD’s main character Ishizue Arika and Karyou Kaie was drawn, I let out a ‘Kita!’ from the bottom of my heart.”
Nice to see DDD’s still acknowledged.


I think it’s safe to confirm that there is indeed, new remake material.