Tsukihime Remake new illustrations

From the T-M Ace 10.

One of the most surprising things to me is a the character, apparently called “Noel”.

Making its appearance  as a new character into the world of Tsukihime, the female teacher. Her cheerful expression may give a friendly impression, however….

“Al-right. Calm down and take your seats, monkeys. It’s great to see you so lively, but if you’re not going act human Sensei won’t be able to go easy on you, and that’d be terrible.

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Type-Moon questions for TM Ace 9


A few days ago, approximately four. The twitter account for the Comptiq and Comp Ace magazine, beckoned the readers to partake in a questionnaire of sorts for a 2 pages corner to be included in the upcoming Type Moon Ace 9 magazine released this 30th of current month.

The mechanic was quite simple, honestly. Using both the hashtags #comptiq  and #typemoonace9, you are able to ask two type of questions. One for stuff nobody really cares about  such as congratulating or things like that (I skimmed over these tweets, so I’m not really sure. Most of the tweets are type 2 questions anyway) and other the classic “Teach me Ciel-Sensei Type-Moon” —which can be used to ask anything related to T-M works and its contents.


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