some old TM stuff 1/?

A gallery showcasing a few illustrations from TM artbooks/media I had stored on an old USB. They’re not necessarily in order. There’s also one from an April Fools that shouldn’t be hard to pinpoint. I had this habit of hoarding TM data, so there are more USBs and CDs brimming with music, doujins, etc. I have yet to find the time to sort through everything after all these years. Eventually, I will upload some stuff.


Looking back on TM (opinion)

I remember when back then you didn’t have to name the Heroic Spirit in discussion; specifying whether it was Caster or Zero Caster was more than enough. It’s been a long time already.

It’s amazing to see how much TM has grown after 2011. I’d dare to say it was around this year that TM went really  mainstream, be it for good or bad.

2011 had the F/Z anime which attracted a handful of people that weren’t into VNs. We had anime, but they weren’t particularly that popular outside of DEEN’s F/sn. A year before the UBW movie had been released. KnK was a success, but it was relegated to a niche fanbase. Everyone was happy about F/Z getting an adaptation,  imo. We knew the quality of ufotable (KnK) so this opened the chance of more material eventually being adapted. Although in my case, I could live without TM anime; TM was more a game company to me.

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Type Moon Studio BB Recruitment Pages Shed Light On Future Projects


Type-Moon announced on 30th August 2019 that they have created a new studio, Type-Moon Studio BB to develop new mid to large scale 3D games in collaboration with external developers and small-scale 2D games internally.

The staff are going to be working on 2D action games, 2D RPGs, and 2D strategy games with Unity and Unreal Engine 4.
Studio BB is prioritising programmers with experience with smartphones and home consoles, suggesting that these are the platforms they will be focusing on.
Studio BB is seeking artists with experience with making pixel art (sprites) and animations as well as 3D models and animations suggesting that they are looking into both 2D and 3D games.
They are looking for a project manager with business level English skills which suggests that they might be looking into overseas releases.
The game designer page says that they are looking for someone with experience with 2D action game development experience as well, which could mean that they would be looking into that first (as Niinou primarily has experience with RPGs, however, this could simply mean be to cover something that he has less expertise in)