Type Moon Studio BB Recruitment Pages Shed Light On Future Projects


Type-Moon announced on 30th August 2019 that they have created a new studio, Type-Moon Studio BB to develop new mid to large scale 3D games in collaboration with external developers and small-scale 2D games internally.

The staff are going to be working on 2D action games, 2D RPGs, and 2D strategy games with Unity and Unreal Engine 4.
Studio BB is prioritising programmers with experience with smartphones and home consoles, suggesting that these are the platforms they will be focusing on.
Studio BB is seeking artists with experience with making pixel art (sprites) and animations as well as 3D models and animations suggesting that they are looking into both 2D and 3D games.
They are looking for a project manager with business level English skills which suggests that they might be looking into overseas releases.
The game designer page says that they are looking for someone with experience with 2D action game development experience as well, which could mean that they would be looking into that first (as Niinou primarily has experience with RPGs, however, this could simply mean be to cover something that he has less expertise in)



Happy Pi Day! Today we announce TMdict, a light-weight, multi-lingual TYPE-MOON glossary website. It is intended to be a simple solution with basic sorting and searching functionality. Current supported languages include English, Chinese, and Japanese. TMdict is not a comprehensive encyclopedia or a wiki, and only carries text and translation of texts found in official materials and books.

This is a collaboration project between the folks from SumiSora’s TYPE-MOON board, Tsuki-kan, and a few other TM fans. Big thanks to all the translators who have translated the glossaries, as well as to those from SumiSora

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Tsuki No Sango translation [ongoing]

May Crimson Moon bless you, Elf

Many thanks to Elf from MCAnime.

Translation  by Elf

Story is starting to show its true colors.

Tsuki no Sango (The Coral of the Moon / The Moon’s Coral)

It’s not something like “my son locked himself up in his house” kind of thing. All human beings began to stop caring about anything that would happen to this world. Some of them carried most of their belongings to the other side of the planet.

Even if there is nothing left on Earth, people can still live there.

But in the Moon, nobody can live without their relics.

In other words, these human beings…

“Your sole duty is to preserve the wisdom of humanity. To be frank, we’re tired of it.”
Saying this, they entrusted everything to the Moon.

Only half a century later, the Moon and Earth ended their means of communication. Mankind from each planet didn’t have anything else to exchange to each other, so they just closed the door. After all, people from Earth can live without any problems with their own resources, while people from the Moon already have all their needs in their environment.

The reason why the moonlight was extinguished seems to have been because of something that happened several decades later since then.

Meanwhile, the population on Earth started to decrease.
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