Mahou Tsukai no Yoru Spanish translation in editing

I must admit that I never expect anything from the hispanic fanbase, but  this is a pleasant surprise. I didn’t even know about its existence to be honest. Turns out someone translated Mahoyo from japanese-spanish in about one year and 4 days and is currently undergoing through editing. Funnily enough, this makes two Nasu works that were first translated 100% into another language other than english.

It happened with DDD, being translated first by the chinese and then by the russians. And it’s repeating with Mahoyo with its french translation. Good news for the romance languages speaking people, it seems.

¡Vaya momento para estar vivo!




Update on Tsukihime Remake at the TYPE-MOON Exhibition

Let’s paraphrase a bit.


“In addition to this, in the staff comment section of the programmer kiyobee, I think there was what appeared to be part of the script for a dialogue scene of Arcueid Brunestud, and in the left, I could confirm some screenshots of TsukihimeR.”

Take “part of the script” with a grain of salt. Not really sure if that was also a screenshot/trailer, but it’d make sense as we already have a mention of Arcueid’s alley scene. Maybe it’s the same.



“[…]a color illustration of DDD’s main character Ishizue Arika and Karyou Kaie was drawn, I let out a ‘Kita!’ from the bottom of my heart.”
Nice to see DDD’s still acknowledged.


I think it’s safe to confirm that there is indeed, new remake material.