Vol.1 Appendix

Got some free time. I decided to keep translating DDD material (since is lacking badly). This time is the Appendix of the first Volume. This looks like a timeline. Recommended to read the first Volume before checking this. It will spoil you. If you do not care, be my guest. Although I do not think many are familiar with this anyway.

DDD Vol 1 Appendix

(Beautiful isn’t she?)

’75 -Goods lost。

’76 -Toma’s daughter is born。

’78 -Sleeping in the cellar of the forest。

’84 -Ishizue’s son is born。

’86 -Karyou Mansion incident.
-Karyou Mansion is demolished。

’88 -Ishizue’s daughter is born。

’92 -Surgery.
-Arika is 8 years old. Kanata is 4 years old。

’95 -■■ appears.。
-Nouzu residential area delusion。
-Yamada-san’s spontaneous combustion incident。

-Hisaori couple murder。
-Hisaori Makina admitted into Origa Memorial Hospital。
-Hisaori Shinya admitted into a psychiatric hospital for a period。

-Yamanashi Tomori disappearance。
-Hinomori Syuusei search for continuous cases of murder。 Were not resolved。
-Ishizue Arika and Ishizue Kanata enter Origa Memorial Hospital。

Early Summer。
-Ishizue Arika’s medical examination is completed。 Although considered negative, discharge is not allowed。
-Hisaori Makina meets the Ishizue siblings。

-Christmas at Origa Memorial Hospital.
-Daydream (Malion in day dream)

Beginning of the year。
-Hisaori Makina is discharged。 (HandS.R)

-Ishizue Arika is discharged, starts a new life。
-Arika meets Karyou。(My decorative play-HandS.L)
-First demon errand。(S.VS.S)

-Hand.S Sequel。
-Ishizue Arika finds new principles to live. “To live as easily as possible.”。

-Second demon errand。
-Kizaki husband Holic Work。
-Ishizue Arika moves to a branch of a warehouse facilities in the city, fourth floor, No. 13。

-Third demon errand。 Policeman Dog。 (Anorexia and overeating-J the E)

New Year’s Eve
-Yamanashi Tomori is arrested。 (Hunting moon reflection.-formal hunt)

-■■ residential area delusion。(H-RED-B)
-■■ sleeping beauty on the forest。(S.peeeping Beauty)
-■■ some anecdote。(DDD)

Thanks to Lianru for asssistance.

ddd appendix


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