Vol.2 Appendix



  • You obviously read this from Kanata’s point of view.
  • The minority (two I think?) of the Agonists’ names pronunciation are unknown, in other words: unofficial. I however tried to employ the readings the japanese consider canon.
  • The ambiguity of the names readings Nasu uses also renders me unable to identify their gender with 100% certain. So there’s that as well.
  • I don’t really know what to make of the name of the only E level patient.


  • Kanata calling herself “Brainless”: Kanata is a peculiar case of being capable of living even after being killed. Her brain condition originates from an accident at Origa. An incident broke out at Origa where Kanata was poisoned. However, while the autopsy was being held by the Doctors, Kanata resurrected out of nowhere. This event was later explained as the following: “Once Kanata’s body “died” her brain kept functioning, moments after the defunction her body, she began to develop antibodies to counter-attack the substance running through her body.” Since then, she became the subject of many experiments the doctors performed operations on her because of her ability to resurrect. The results of all those experiments (mixer, freezing, incineration, rockets to be confirmed!) lead to another spectacular discoverement too! Once Kanata was killed in one way, she resurrected and developed inmunity against it. This happening shake the core off Origa of course and since then Kanata’s gotten stronger and stronger.
  • Freesia, aka as “Ice Flower“: As you can see Yoruguchi shares the nickname of one the works unreleased by Nasu.
  • Origa Marine: His name can be read in two ways
  1. Marine (nothing unusual).
  2. Marion. A restaurant nearby Arika’s apartment. The usual place where Shozai and Tomato go to grab grub. Tomato loves junk food by the way, specially meat. Who is Marion? Why do they share the same name?
  • Kuramitsu Meruka: This man, same kanji, same pseudonyme (Meruka is not his name). He’s one of the main characters of Mirai Fukuin. His abilities lies in his eyes; his right eye sees the future while his left eye sees the way to achieve it. You should read the work though. One of the powerlevel aspects that often involve Kuramitsu in discussions(and hope I don’t see once the movie is displayed) is the scene where Shiki “kills” the future, which leads to people believing Shiki can kill the future or something like that by herself, whereas the truth is a bit different: Shiki was capable of killing the time because Kuramitsu gave it a form through his precognitive powers. As simple as that. READ IT.
  • Hinomori Ouka: This is one of the theories I’m planning to formulate later so I’ll just give you a quick insight. We know Hinomori Syuusei, don’t we? The surname makes you ponder if a relationship exist or ever existed between them. There are also some wackies theories where people believe she was the strongest at Origa, by the last commentary of Kanata’s results sheet, which is as bright as water it’s a mock.

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