Tsukihime Remake new illustrations

From the T-M Ace 10.

One of the most surprising things to me is a the character, apparently called “Noel”.

Making its appearance  as a new character into the world of Tsukihime, the female teacher. Her cheerful expression may give a friendly impression, however….

“Al-right. Calm down and take your seats, monkeys. It’s great to see you so lively, but if you’re not going act human Sensei won’t be able to go easy on you, and that’d be terrible.

Summary of the Tsukihime Remake:
About the keyword of the project – 新生 – rebirth/second birth]
>They want to reintroduce Tsukihime to player and they thought about what to do.
>Nasu feels lot like when the worked on Mahoyo. Making graphics better, taking the scenartio to another level, but the base stays the same.
>They want to make the player think “nostalgic but fresh” about some things they see in the game, move his feelings by some things, suprise him, and to give it all Type-Moon has.

[About the setting change]
>The setting now change from a city that resembled “vaguely Tokyo suburbs” to pretty clearly “Tokyo metropolitan area”. The scale of the incidents doesn’t change, but the new scale of the setting might affect the story in some way, pls look forward to it.
>Long talk about how different settings might feel. Original Tsukihime and Mahoyo are kinda like “what if something happened here” to new “big cities are scary, isn’t it, things like this happen in big cities”.
>Takeuchi says a big city is more fit for modern vampire stories.
>They’re talking about how they did location scounting around Tokyo, but won’t say which specific places are inspired by. They don’t want the players to know what to specifically look forwatd ro yet.
>The Toono mansion and the school are being remade in details. The mansion will still be Western style and will feel like the best place for murder incidents to happen.
>They’re talking about the 3D image of the mansion that’s on a different page. Takeuchi is making a 3D model of it, which makes drawing easier, but it’s also hard, since he needs to create all the details and mind object collisions.
>Nasu says that when you add the characters and text it really feels like a proper mystery/horror etc. and is really happy to be making a hype of game he likes.
>Talk about how the mansion doesn’t really look scary at night, but gets ominous at night, like Resi 1 mansion.
>They’re asked if there’ll be elements of local folklore/traditions – basically what people talk about between themselves and pass it. Since the scale of the setting has changed, it might be about how Toonos got the mansion and th lands around.

[About the character design change]
>Takeuchi says he created a more modern designs while for example keeping the image of Arcueid as “pure white” vampire.
>Also pls get used to the new designs already.
>Nasu asks if because of the change of setting he gave Arcueif a miniskirt.
>Not really, but… [End of the page] -Original summary by anon here

Besides, there may be a restructure of the DAA both in terms of character and ranking. Some may be removed, perhaps edited, etc.

Scanned by Paitouch.

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