The connections of hollow that never came to be

Last night when I went to bed, one of those thoughts that assault you at 3AM came to get me. I recalled that hollow could’ve been something greater than it actually was. At least based on a  few quotes from Nasu, that’s it.


The first one revealed that Karen and Bazett were characters planned to show up in Tsukihime 2, but ultimately didn’t happen. Source is the good old humanity6’s entry about hollow material. I will look for that page and uploaded it here later.


It was revelead that Bazett and Karen were characters originally planned to show up in the setting of Tsukihime 2[…]

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Does somebody else remember?


I just stumbled into this in some old folder. It’s from May 2012, I think. What’s so special about it? Nothing per se. It’s more about the context it was taken.

I remember watching a japanese channel via KeyholeTV? or some program like that. At some point, the leitmotiv of the Tsukihime theme began playing and a moon behind some clouds appeared, followed by some images and text that I think were related to the TYPE-MOON Fes (which makes sense, considering said event took place on July of same year); close-ups of Arc, Saber, Aoko and Shiki in that picture by the stairs that’s so iconic. It was so fast that I couldn’t take a screenshot of it. When I tried, I only managed to take pic related of these cards. IIRC, I think I was watching the F/Z anime.

It’s funny, because that was probably the closest the Tsukihime Remake got to be on TV, even if the purpose of the ad wasn’t that. Does somebody else remember this?

To the Sea of tranquility



“It’s a Fate/hollow ataraxia remix. I didn’t tamper with the melody of the original song that much, just added some arrangements. Since the source was wonderful from the beginning, the finished product turned out into a really good song. Near the end, some Tsukihime was inserted and I have a feeling that it might be related to the Tsukihime Remake.”

-Fukasawa Hideyuki (Source is Type-Moon Ace 9, circa 2014)

Listen to the track here.