Type-Moon Apology for F/sn anniversary book mistakes

P012 TYPE-MOON History
2001年08月 タイトル表記
誤)「シエルさんインドですよ」 → 正)「シエルさんインドです」
P119 Fate Character Chronicle
『カーニバル・ファンタズム』画像 → 画像の差し替え修正
P130 Another Works Heroines
『MELTY BLOOD』画像 → 画像の差し替え修正
『MELTY BLOOD』画像 → 画像の差し替え修正
P131 Another Works Heroines
『MELTY BLOOD』画像 → 画像の差し替え修正


most of the fixes were illustration replacements and one typo.

Official apology

Kazuya Nino attends Indie Live Expo 2020


Although the event is being hosted by Japanese indie developers, they aim to show off not only Japanese indie games, but indie games from across the world. The event will be hosted in Japanese, Chinese, and English, and apart from showcases, several prominent indie developers and indie scene supporters will also be sharing a message with the viewers, including ZUN (Touhou series), Toby Fox (UNDERTALE, DELTARUNE), SWERY (CEO of White Owls), and Etrian Odyssey creator Kazuya Nino, who is currently heading Type-Moon Studio BB.

Via Siliconera

Tsukihime Remake (fanmade)

“The remake isn’t coming out so I made it myself.

It’s a novel game of about 6 hours and one chapter.

It’ll focus on Depletion Garden. The game may be available for download from 4/2 in home of this account.”