Type-Moon April Fools 2014


This year is “TM-channel” a series of broadcasts on NND. The stars are Nero and Sacchin (though Sion is there, too). I won’t go into details regarding the airing dates as they are uploaded to youtube afterwards.



TYPE-MOON Official website


Fate/stay night anime cast confirmed



Noriaki Sugiyama as Shirou Emiya
Ayako Kawasumi as Saber
Kana Ueda as Rin Tohsaka
Junichi Suwabe as Archer
Noriko Shitaya as Sakura Matou
Mai Kadowaki as Illyasviel von Einzbern
Nobutoshi Canna as Lancer
Miki Itou as Taiga Fujimura
Jouji Nakata as Kirei Kotomine
Rikiya Koyama as Kiritsugu Emiya

The staff includes:

Color key: Emi Chiba, Mika Matsuoka
Art director: Koji Eto
Director of Photography: Yuichi Terao
Animation production: ufotable

Via ANN because I’m busy and lazy.| Fate/stay night official anime website


Since I don’t have anything to post about, I will just drop by and say that I finished translating this.

It was included in the latest TM ace, along with others. I will edit it…one of these days.

No raws for chapters 11 onwards, alas.